Friday, 6 May 2016

2.4.2 Minor Update

At least you have to love the version number. A few fairly important fixes, and a few lesser.

Version 2.4.2:
  • Fixed VST output arrangement commands from host not handled correctly
  • Fixed deadlock with pop-up windows in some cases in some hosts
  • Fixed keyboard focus handling on OSX
  • Fixed keyboard focus handling on Windows
  • Fixed filter tuning causing spikes for some types and frequencies
  • Fixed AU property listener error
  • Fixed VU meters showing bogus values when pins not connected in host
  • Fixed some parameters not scaling correctly with sample rate
  • Fixed "save content" settings flags not respected in item save
  • Added bake/clear all root override action for selected groups
Download as usual at

Happy sampling.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

TX16Wx 2.4.1d minor update

Just a very small update, with a bug fix and a small feature enhancement for TX16Wx Pro.

Version 2.4.1d:
  • Added option to automatically open token-based auto mapping dialog on drag and drop of samples into the key mapper (TX16Wx Pro)
  • Fixed wav parser bug where root key info was misinterpreted for some non-standard files
Download as usual at

Happy sampling

Sunday, 15 February 2015

2.4.1 released

Hello all.

Just a small update release, combining all small hotfixes done previously with a few new, bigger ones. The biggest change being a radically improved sound font importer that should respect and correctly apply layered (preset/instrument) generators in the SF2 better.

Version 2.4.1:
  • Improved SF2 import
  • Added support for SFZ pitch/filter velocity tracking
  • Preview volume is now saved in settings
  • Loop modulation does no longer limit loop start maximum value to initial loop end.
  • Added sampler MIDI CC / key triggering 
  • Workaround regex libc++ bug on MacOSX
  • Filter response curve bug fixed (always generated Q)
  • Fixed modulation matrix bug where mapping key/vel could be ignored
  • Fixed bug loading program slot FX send settings
  • Fixed BPM/R modulation source not selectable in modulation menu
  • Fixed hang when dragging from matrix list to keyboard mapper with velocity mapping enabled
  • Fixed matrix load dialog multiselect
  • Fixed auto play in filebrowser playing on UI open
  • Fixed screen update issue in output settings
  • Fixed crash when restoring UI in certain cases
  • Fixed loop modulation crash when loop size became zero
  • Fixed wave sample rate dependent loop/start/hold 
  • Fixed keyboard switcher modulator assignment index being off for automation/MIDI CC
  • Fixed filter overload issue
  • Fixed crash on 32-bit MacOSX
  • Fixed crash dump creation issues on some versions of Win7+
Download as usual at

Monday, 8 September 2014

TX16Wx 2.4.0 Released

Finally, after a stupendously long beta period, here is the long awaited gold release of TX16Wx 2.4.0.
There are a plethora of new, exciting features in this release, not the least new program importers for Akai and EXS material, new modulation options, filters and other goodies.

There is also a lot of bug fixes and stability improvements, along with some nice eye candy in the UI and a new, large skin for those with high DPI / small screen area displays.

TX16Wx 2.4.0
  • OSX / Windows Vista / Windows 7 "missing file" dialog now includes a "search" option
  • Load/Save progress indicator now includes an "Abort" button
  • Added a "via" cross modulation parameter to modulation entries, allowing control of modulation strength by other modulator
  • Added selectable round-robin source for wave matrix / group switcher
  • Added "toggle" trigger mode
  • Added large UI skin
  • Added import of EXS format instruments
  • Added import of AKP format instruments
  • Added 6db low/high pass filter
  • Added Direct Midi CC as modulation source
  • Added support for VST2 micro tuning
  • Added optional support for bank select to address more than 128 programs via MIDI program change
  • Added optional program/performance number display in drop down selectors
  • Added program/performance re-ordering dialog
  • Added user selectable program icons
  • Skins now handle CSS "import"
  • UI size is now constrained by minimum size of applied skin
  • UI skins loading time improved
  • Default skin + graphics are now delivered as external files as well as resources.
  • SFZ import now honors Midi CC trigger switch
  • Save and other edits now disabled while previewing material
  • Fixed issue where editing wave matrix source settings was applied to all objects, not just selected.
  • Fixed import of Sound fonts with non-symmetric/broken stereo pair definitions
  • Fixed CoreObject leaks and errors on OSX
  • Fixed COM leaks and errors on Windows
  • Fixed host not notified on performance change
  • Fixed crash when running in bridged mode in some hosts
Many thanks to all of you who participated in the beta program and helped make this a great release. 
Download as usual from

Happy sampling

P.S. I know I promised a 2.5 release already this summer. As it looks now, that will be significantly delayed, due to other projects taking precedence. But on the bright side, there is a lot going on in the code labs, and with a little luck you might be pleasantly surprised by the end results.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

TX16Wx in BEAT magazine

Here is a little update from the press department.
The latest issue of German BEAT Magazine has a great workshop article on using the TX16Wx:

Four pages of neat tips and work flow guides, courtesy of the very nice Marco Scherer.  It is of course in German, but there are some great stuff, especially for those just beginning to use the TX, so get a copy today.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Oh, the silence...

Time flies, and I barely notice that I haven't written anything here in ages. This is of course due to my severely limited social media skills, and my general dislike of communication in general.
Those of you that follow the KVR forums however know that TX16Wx development has not been standing still.

The 2.4.0 release, which is currently in release candidate status, is slowly but steadily moving forward. Having been slightly overwhelmed by feature requests, some quite big, it has taken longer than anticipated, though I am hopeful it is near finished now.

Check out the release candidate information at the forum.

Looking further ahead, there will be a 2.5.0 release later this summer, focusing on sampling workflow. After this, work on the highly anticipated version 3.0 will commence. The feature list for this is still fluent, but let me tease as much as saying that a number of features that has been requested to death will be included, hopefully finally making TX16Wx the only sampler instrument you will only need. :-)

Stay tuned.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Happy new year - first bugfix release of 2014

Just a small update to let you know I am still alive, even after all that Christmas ham. And, to celebrate that the year is new and the KVR forums are almost functional again, here is a small bugfix update of TX16Wx. It contains the cumulative hotfixes done earlier, and some additional fixes:

TX16Wx 2.3.1 (2014-01-10):
  • Fixed Soundfont parsing broken on OSX
  • Fixed slot MIDI transpose broken in certain cases
  • Fixed slot detune broken
  • Fixed storing program with root key override broken on OSX
  • Fixed OSX menu issue
  • Fixed loading of modulation preset containing legacy "Amp" destination
  • Fixed filebrowser hanging when opening unmounted drive on Windows
Nothing huge, except maybe the transpose thing. Download as usual from

Happy sampling