Thursday, 25 August 2011

0.9.01 available now

Just uploaded v0.9.01. This version add the following:
  • Added drag & drop support for waves, programs and performances
  • Fixed graphics bug when editing group name in group list editor
  • Keyboard mapping editor can now edit select parameters for multiple groups at a time
  • Fixed tempo-synced LFO position offset
  •  Added global settings + dialogs for import of already loaded items
As usual, this might have introduced new exiting bugs. 


  1. Hi,
    thank you , i used to have that sampler , in fact it was my first sampler , i will test it.

  2. nice work. a few things i noticed can be improved.

    1. knob values are too small and the knob area is too dark.

    2. i saved a SF2 loaded performance and it didnt save the modified start point.

  3. Wow great project. Thank you! I own a TX16w and really like it. I would like to test this plugin but I couldn't load it. Every DAW showed an error.

    Win XP / AMD Athlon XP2400
    Cubase 3
    FL Studio 9.0
    Reaper 3.76

    I also tried VSThost but the plugin wasn't be able to load

    I hope this will be fixed. This seem to be a shortcircuit killer (shortcircuit is my fav VST sampler :) )

    And I also got a feature request. It would be really nice if you could implemet support for the FLAC file format.

    Thank you!

  4. Ok I tried it on my Laptop and it works there. Don't know what causes the error on my desktop PC.

  5. anyone else seeing strange dialog box graphics messing up on wave loading? it's doing this in energyxt and xt2.

  6. does not even appear in Ableton Live

  7. PeterPiper0815: It could be some DLL dependency I've overlooked. What Windows version is your WS/Laptop?

  8. Excellent news! I'm going to download it right away...