Monday, 29 August 2011

0.9.02 available

Another update. More usability features:
  • Added indicators to groups in keymap editor on noteon trigger
  • Added quick select mode. When holding any mode selector key depressed and playing Midi notes, the matching groups and splits will be selected in a rotating fashion.
  • Reworked sample auto-layout to give better results    
  • Fixed "wave start" group attribute not saved correctly in programs
A note for those having trouble in various hosts or environments: TX16Wx is almost selfcontained, however it requires the MSXML6 library installed. This is preinstalled on Vista/Win7, and should be installed with SP3 on WinXP. If your machines misses this update however (or others installing the library), the instrument will not load. Sorry about that.

Get it fresh from the download menu on the left.


  1. This would be the perfect creative sampler:

    Polyphon Playable Multisampler
    Layers to stack samples or to built velocity switches
    sampler drag and drop
    Glide on legato
    Each Pad can span over several keys or just occupy one key (for Drums)
    The Number of Pads is pre-definded ( lets say 128 )
    One AHDSR Envelope / Pad (essentially a 'Pad' is a keygroup but not needs to be manually created as it is solved in Kontakt)
    One Filter AHDSR Evelope / Pad (and of course a Filter:)
    One Global AHDSR Envelope for all Pads
    One Global Filter with its AHDSR Envelope
    Each envelop can have concave / convex curves (this is missing on the MV8000)
    revers Sample Playback
    LFOs to modulate parameters but predefined (pan, filter , amp)
    {To be able to load VST effects, optional but super features}
    Visual Adjustable Start and Endpoint of sample
    Sample Waveform view with horizontal and vertical zoom to adjust sample start and endpoint visually.
    jump to Sample start and endpoint button (this allows you to edit the sample start/end point when zoomed fully in)
    Resizeable GUI

  2. I'm an old hand at hardware samplers (I've used Ensoniq samplers since 1991, first an EPS 16+, later an ASR-10) so I like working with something that resembles the old stuff. Plus, it actually is a sampler! Most software "samplers" aren't samplers at all since they miss the one feature that defines a sampler: the ability to sample sounds. Without this functionality they are just sample playback devices.

    I haven't had time to play around with it much yet, but so far there's only one thing I'm missing: crossfade looping. It's great to have a sample editor built-in but without the ability to crossfade loops I will still need an external audio editor for many sounds.

  3. Bacon: Crossfading and other sample edit things are in the works. Just a matter of schedule.

  4. still a problem with open wavs dialog box
    please see video below.
    this is showing TX16Wx in savihost running
    on winxp SP3.

    happens on both my desktop and laptop.

  5. Unknown: Is this on 32-bit or 64-bit XP? I think I have an idea what might be causing it...

  6. 32bit desktop has intel CPU, laptop AMD