Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Opinions on parameter automation

Some suggestions and comments about parameter automation has got me thinking. The current modulation/automation scheme of TX16Wx is based on Midi controller mappings in the modulation table, and then up to 64 program slots volume and pan automated. There are a number of problems here though.
  1. Not all hosts allow for convenient automation tracks for Midi controllers, thus you have to actually add/paint/record real control changes to automate modulation. Which is fine if you fiddle knobs on your controller surface, but not everyone has one. 
  2. There are a lot of automation parameters unused (perhaps ~100) in normal use.
So, one post in the reaper forums got me thinking: Perhaps automation parameters should be dynamic, i.e. you add either a program slot attribute or a controller+midichannel to be assigned to automation. This reduces the number of parameters and creates a workaround for those hosts that lack automation curves for midi controllers.

So, if anyone reads this; what's your opinion on this? Is it a good idea?


  1. being able to modulate pan, filter, amplitude, pitch and perhaps wav start with a tempo synced LFO and mod wheel is all i'd need for modulation purposes. my 2 bits

  2. and modulate resonance on the filter too. of course.