Monday, 5 September 2011

0.9.03 released

New update. This time with a lot of features and bugfixes. I hope I haven't introduced as many new ones this time around.
New and noteworthy:
  • Added loop start & end modulation
  • Added glide modulation
  • Made mono mode handle held notes correctly
  • Fixed broken XSD definitions for polyphonic modes
  • Fixed wave start modulation units
  • Fixed "goto" in sample editor
  • Fixed sample editor update on drag&drop of samples
  • Tweaked resonance of filter to be a little less loud&aggressive.
  • Reduced automatable program slots to 32
  • Added 48 assignable automation parameters
Please take note of the last two bullets. I previously wrote about changing how automation works. This is perhaps some sort of middle ground between previous way and what I talked about in an earlier post. Basically now you can assign an automation parameter (global) as a modulation source in one or more groups where you might otherwise use an external controller. They idea is to help those with hosts that do not allow for automation curves using midi controllers.

There is now also modulation destinations for wave start,loop start+end and glide. All these are Note-on modulation, i.e the value is determined on sample trigger.

Note: The filter resonance has been scaled back a bit. It's less prone to overdrive and feedback sounds now.  I personally think it sounds more useful. But obviously, any filter settings made with previous versions will sound a bit different. Let me know your opinion.

I am currently working on a quick start guide for TX16Wx. 'tis heavy work. We shall see if I can finish this week.