Thursday, 8 September 2011

0.9.04 released

Moving on rapidly, v0.9.04 is now available for download. Lot's of bug fixes, including the fix for broken file dialogs on Windows XP, and perhaps the most requested item of all: The Quick Start Guide.
By no means complete, this document still gives some insights and hints on how to use the instrument and build sound sets.

  • Added quickstart guide
  • Fixed group separate messing up splits
  • Fixed file selector graphics messed up on WinXP
  • Fixed missing waves breaking load of host plugin data
  • Fixed newly sampled waves not saved in host plugin data
  • Fixed crash on wave preview in split
  • Fixed wave load play looping
  • Fixed frozen modulation of volume, pan and pitch cancelled by non-frozen
  • Oneshot voices now always retrigger, even in Mono mode
  • Fixed crash when saving empty wave
  • Fixed race+crash with all notes off

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