Friday, 9 September 2011

0.9.05 out already - are you annoyed yet?

So, almost silly release rate, but hey, the bugs are slowly being weeded out. 0.9.05 is now available for download.
  • Fixed outputs not detected correctly in FL Studio and others
  • Fixed graphics glitch in key mapping editor
  • Added support for sustenuto (sustain) and damper (hold) pedal


  1. Now, that's how a software development is done!
    Go, Calle, go!

  2. Outstanding! TX16Wx keeps getting better and better!

  3. hi
    sadly tx16 crash on AODIX
    -some times when i load wave
    -and it dosent reload song proprely

  4. eliaz: The issue with certain parameters not being saved/restored was reported and fixed. Will be in 0.9.06. As for Aodix, I tried it, and I had no issues... could you be more specific about the crash?

  5. hi calle thanks for you're fast answer
    for crash i ve find the pb , when i load some 24 bit wave ,that crash tx16 , dono why , the only difference is, in win7 when i make proprity
    - 1 have rate send (1058Kbits/s) work fine on tx16
    - the second don't have this one crash tx16 at load of sample
    sry for my english im french
    nice work !!

  6. Not sure I understand completely... Would it be possible for you to provide the wav that caused the crash?
    Also, does this happen in any other host than Aodix?

  7. hi
    no, on renoise too
    have maid pix for you

  8. Ok. Could you send me the wave file that causes the crash? (a good thing hard)


    good luck

  10. eliaz: Ok, identified it. That wav has some junk data at the end, causing my wav reader to crash. Added some more extensive sanity checks for robustness. Works now. :)
    Expect the fix in 0.9.06
    Thanks for the bug report.

  11. i have run into a few wavs that crash the internal sampler in energyXT2. i wonder if there is a batch wav file "sterilizer" out there?

  12. I use TX16wx with Podium - - and it works great!