Thursday, 22 September 2011

0.9.07 coming soon

I know what you're thinking. No new release for more than a week. Perhaps it's dead Jim? No, it's not. It's chugging along fine. I've been tinkering with one of the features requested most: beatslicing. It's working pretty well, given the UI restrictions (did not really plan for it in the original gui).

I'm expecting to drop a new release after the weekend.


  1. hi call
    cooolllllll..beatslicing with beatsync for sample ??
    please make sample rec sync start with host ;p lol
    i will make donate if you do it ^^

  2. Beat slicing - yeah!! That is the best news I've heard since the release of 1.0.

    It doesn't have to be too fancy (though it wouldn't hurt, LOL). In my view it just needs to do something similar to the following:

    - allow for manually inserted slices.
    - a 'zero-cross check' function**

    Some would probably like:

    - auto chopping (by entering bars/beats and BPM)

    Thanks so much for the good news, and the frequent update rate (even though it's been less frequent this week, LOL).

    ** a function that automatically moves all slices to their nearest zero-cross points.

  3. Just becoming aware of this. Looking forward to what happens here man.