Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Moving on - 0.9.06 is here

Yet another update, closer and closer to 1.0 (we hope).
Mainly bugfixes and robustness in this one.

  • Improved robustness for loading WAV/AIFF/Soundfonts/FXB
  • Added drag&drop of banks
  • Improvements and fixes to soundfont import
  • Fixed failure to load FXB/programs with splits without assigned waves
  • Fixed crash when loading WAV with trailing junk data
  • Fixed AEG:level1 and glide parameter not loaded/saved correctly
  • Fixed XSD typos
  • Fixed AIFF files loaded as "unknown"
  • Fixed not detecting need to rename+resave waves
  • Fixed Soundfont drag&drop not working correctly
  • Fixed UI refresh when deleting last program
Hoping to have time to look into some more feature requests now, but keep them bugs coming.