Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Moving on - 0.9.06 is here

Yet another update, closer and closer to 1.0 (we hope).
Mainly bugfixes and robustness in this one.

  • Improved robustness for loading WAV/AIFF/Soundfonts/FXB
  • Added drag&drop of banks
  • Improvements and fixes to soundfont import
  • Fixed failure to load FXB/programs with splits without assigned waves
  • Fixed crash when loading WAV with trailing junk data
  • Fixed AEG:level1 and glide parameter not loaded/saved correctly
  • Fixed XSD typos
  • Fixed AIFF files loaded as "unknown"
  • Fixed not detecting need to rename+resave waves
  • Fixed Soundfont drag&drop not working correctly
  • Fixed UI refresh when deleting last program
Hoping to have time to look into some more feature requests now, but keep them bugs coming.


  1. A very good Sampler...excellent.
    Thanks Calle.

  2. My previous favourite was Disco DSP's HiLife. But this one(TX16Wx) is really great...

  3. hi calle, the issue with the malformed performance names still happens in EnergyXT2, but doesn't happen in VSTHOST. any chance you can download energyxt2 on your cpmputer and see whats going on? ...download the public beta that needs no installing here:


  4. Ok, you where right. Very easy fix. Not really an eXT issue, but a difference in rectangle update on XP GDI+ vs Win7. Will be in 0.9.07.

  5. hi calle
    exelent......... work fine !!!!

  6. cool, glad you figured it out! guess you can call me your XP beta tester since everyone else has gone to W7 it seems!

  7. I make synths using synthedit. I've made one called wavemax. its a drum synth. i really like your preview feature on wav loading dialog box. would you be willing to try to help me incorporate it into my drum synth?
    at the moment it opens wavs with the standard
    windows file dialog.

    check it out here:

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  9. Hi. I noticed that when I load a .wav sample and try to play it clicking the play button in the plugin's interface, it occasionally returns a message saying that tx16wx performed an illegal operation and it must be disabled, and it doesn't work since then until I reload the plugin. I use it under Zynewave Podium 3.01; tx16wx ver. 0.9.06. Win7 x64. Apart from this, a great software, really. Thanks

  10. kxuser: I assume you refer to the '>' button in the file chooser? Can you load that wav into the sampler without problem, i.e does the problem only show when previewing through the file chooser?
    If so, it's weird. If not, its yet another case of 'broken' wav that needs to be handled, and I'd very much like it if you could send it to me.

  11. Hi.
    I meant the "start" button under the Samples section in the tx16wx. However, it appears that it isn't the "start" button that causes the error. It is the "Sample" or the "St/Mn" button that causes it, not sure which one exactly. Checked also in Vsthost and it crashes in the same way, apart from the communicate which is of course different but it makes the host to crash. Sometimes clicking the Sample button in the samples section makes the wav to disappear from the waveform display and it also causes the wave duration in milliseconds to change (the ending time). When a wav file is not loaded, clicking the buttons does not cause the problem to occur.
    I haven't discovered yet how to assign a wave to a certain button and I did not play a wave using midi, but I'm going to read the manual soon and go on with more testing then.

  12. Late respone for Unknown: The wave file chooser is made by extending the standard OPENFILENAME structure through resource and dialog procedure (lpTemplateName & lpfnHook). Then it's just a matter of intercepting the dialog messages for clicking on a file and load+play. See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms646839%28VS.85%29.aspx and http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms646960.aspx for MSDN docs.

  13. thanks for the reply calle, its ok.... i'll figure something out. i'm not a programming language expert, i just know enough about synthedit to be dangerous lol, there is a
    getfile module i'm sure would have to be
    modified. but i've no clue how to write modules in synthedit