Sunday, 2 October 2011

0.9.07 Released!

After some unusually long development time (damn you real world obligations), I can finally announce v0.9.07 of TX16Wx. This version adds one much requested feature: beat slicing. TX16Wx can now map individual regions (slices) to splits, and there is a beat detector, an equidistant chopper and tempo detection + midi file export. The UI is a little clunky perhaps, but hey, it's free! :)

v 0.9.07:
  • Added "slice" functionality
  • Added auto slicing via "beat detector"
  • Added auto slicing via "equal parts" split
  • Added auto layout of slices + midi file export
  • Added loop crossfading
  • Added tempo detection + loading of Acid information
  • Added support for loading Yamaha TX16W OS waves      
  • Added support for saving sound data in host project directory (when supported by host)
  • Added sampling start on host transport start (sample on play)
  • Fixed ui refresh on XP