Monday, 3 October 2011

Hotfix 0.9.071

Thanks to Eliaz who quickly pointed out that "Save As" for waves had broken in 0.9.07. Shame on me, and apologies. Download links are now 0.9.071. Only difference is the above fix.


  1. Hello Calle , the TX16 is a fantastic plugin. many thanks for that.

    At the moment I'm still trying. One thing I noticed already. Samples that have been recorded over the sampling function, all named the same with "new sample". After saved as a DAW project container, the sample names are missing completely upon reload.
    If I export the Samples previously individually with "save as" and rename it, then i can load the DAW container file without errors.
    An easy Function to rename the samples would be maybe helpful, and "for the lazy user", sample name with an attached number.

    many greetings from ger

  2. Jaque, thanks.
    You're right, I didn't make the names "incremental" because its kinda difficult to know the "increment", but it would be better really. Samples being loaded without the name sounds like a serious bug though. Will check.
    As for quick rename, just shift-click the name in the sample lister in the sample edit window and change the name. Same as all other name fields in the instrument.

  3. yea, shift click works great, thank you. I test further.

    Is there somewhere a "hidden" possibility to change the current font color from red to white, or even a possible self-skinning? "Is not sooo important."

    Sample start modulation by the LFO, seemingly static, "LFO Pos" response, but not the LFO rate. The same with pitch modulation via the loop point "single cycle".
    For sample start and loop point modulation with Env, reacted only the initial value of the Env. All other parameters are "normal" modulated.

    many greetings

  4. agree, knob values would be easier to read using white ariel font

  5. or even the light lime green of the LCD color

  6. good morning, Calle,

    Because the sample names, i have an idea .... After a recording, a notification window to confirm, discard or restart the recording, and then assign a Name right here .. "on the fly, virtually"


  7. Hi guys,
    TX16Wx is just fantastic!
    A very creative tool!
    A couple of things that i think would improve a lot its creative field of application are.

    1. Bipolar modulation for Pitch via vst automation and all other mod sources ( now we can only modulate toward + and - i wrong?

    2. Loop Start, Loop End, Loop Mode ( Forward, Backward, Bidirectional etc. ) modulation via vst and all other mod. sources, **while the note is playing**. This is essential for all those sample mangling tricks i ( we ? )love

    many thanks to the developer and the community here.


  8. Love this plugin, finally a nice way to make my own libraries.

    Quick question, I have a lot of old soundfonts sitting around and would love to be able to batch convert them.

    Any thoughts on a separate conversion program or batch conversion option in the plugin?

  9. Oh yeah and I'll donating real soon!!

    Keep it up!!

  10. Eldgin: I've thought of a batchconverter. It is a bit of work though (need to refactor code some more + probably create a whole separate UI).
    Perhaps a quicker way would just be to make "load performance"/drag-drop accept multiple performances/programs in one go? That way you can pretty much just drag all the soundfonts in a dir into the sampler, then save the bank with "copy contents" on, and you'll be done.

  11. I like the idea of accepting multiple performances/programs. That seems like a great way to go!!

    Also I have found a bug using the latest build of Reaper that if I close the window for the plugin it won't open back up. I have to remove the plugin and re-add it again.

    I can send a screenshot if you like.

  12. When following the tutorial on how to create a drumset I've discovered a quirk that seems to make it impossible to make a GM drumset, at least if you want the Hihats to mute each other. Since it seems you can't map a sample to a single key unless there is another sample on the next higher key it's impossible to map the Hihats to F#, G#, and A#, put them in a separate group with mute, and at the same time have the toms on F, G, A, and B.

    If I try this, the hihat samples will be mapped to F#-G, G#-A, and A#-B, thus "covering" three of the toms, causing either both to sound at the same time, or only the hihats to sound.

    I would like to see the ability to set an upper limit to the range of a sample so holes can be left in a group, allowingthis kind of drumsets to be programmed.

  13. Bacon: The easiest way to acheive what you suggest would probably be to allow explicit mapping of the "no sample" wave in a group (its currently only mapped implicitly when deleting a sample that is mapped). THat way you can essentially map silence at certain keys in a group. It might perhaps be useful to actually add choke groups as well, either unlimited, or a fixed number, say 16.

    In the meantime, the easiest workaround for you is probably to create a separate program for hats vs toms, assign to the same midi channel, and set the hats to "Mono/Program".