Sunday, 30 October 2011

New release soon, but I need your input!

I intend to release 0.9.09 soon, and this will be the final feature release until 1.0. Upcoming is Loop Direction modulation, LFO trigger control (selectable re-trig), and fixes for the bugs Eliaz reported (thank you!).
But if possible, I'd like to address whatever other issues you, my cherished users, can find. Of course, it might be that there simply are no issues left, but somehow I doubt that... :)
So, please, keep the bug reports coming. At the risk of tooting my own horn, this software has come a long way since the initial release, and with your feedback it can become really good. 
Cheers and happy sampling.


  1. one small graphical bug to report in energyxt2 + winxp 32bit... see vid clip

  2. also, i think everyone would agree that the red knob values are kinda hard to read. maybe using slightly larger and diff font like ariel would remedy this?

  3. Lfo trigger control is VERY important. besides this maybe it would be cool to add an extra "sync to" option. sync to bar would rock. it would work like this: when you press play on the sequencer the lfo would restart at the selected phase. lots of synths have lfos that work like this: u-he ace, z3ta+, ni massive...

  4. Unknown: I've added limited selectable color and font for parameters (red, white, green, blue vs. LCD or system (ariel) font).

    Hugo: Not sure I understand what you request? It sounds like the LFO "pos" control, which selects where in the LFO wave phase it is triggered...