Monday, 17 October 2011

Upcoming fixes and the future

First a heads up, that v0.9.08 is just around the corner. This includes fixes for all reported bug, some new features, and a reworking of how file names and sound item (program, wave, perf) names correlate. I.e now they do. After this, there will be another beta with mainly bug fixes, and perhaps one or two requests, and then we go sharp 1.0.

Then the future gets hazy. I've had a few ideas on spin-off applications of the core components of this instrument. The two first ideas are:
  • A dedicated beat slicer - with slice sound tweaks, mapping, quick automation etc.
  • A beat box - basically a drum sampler + drumsynth + pattern sequencer + automation
There's obviously a lot of work involved in doing this. And, to curse in church, I've considered making these instruments non-free, but instead uncrippled shareware (think reaper). Why you ask? Because I really love writing VST plugins. Seriously. Really. But it does take a horrendous amount of time, and I don't make any money from it (two donations so far - thank you, you know who you are).

Going at least partially commercial with any upcoming instruments would maybe alleviate this a bit.
So, those of you who read this, would you consider instruments like those mentioned above worth paying a modest fee (~€30?) for? Or am I being delusional?

Edit: Just to clarify: I have no intention of making TX16Wx commercial. My thoughts are on whether there is potential in making non-free spinoffs.

Comments welcome.


  1. The beat box sounds like a wonderful idea.

    I have no problem at all with you going commercial but I do have a suggestion regarding the price. Call me cheap, but for me €50 falls above the "oh, nice piece of software, I'll buy it!" limit, i.e., if there are freeware VST drum sample players (there are) that let me do what I need them to do (they do), I'm likely not to buy your €50 beatbox. However, if you charge something in the range of the price of a CD (yes I'm old-fashioned enough to still buy CDs), say ~€20, then I'm very likely to buy it just to get the extra features you offer (such as an integrated pattern sequencer). If a lot of people are like me (cheap bastards!) you may make more money in the end.

  2. Of course I wouldn't mind paying for great software as I already when I stumble upon a great discount or something I desperately need.

    The ideal perspective for me would be that you for the time-being focus on improving TX16Wx: user-friendly, bug-fixes, the beat-slicing function.

    One thing that makes TX16Wx so amazing (aside from it being a terrific plugin with huge potential) is that it's free. Just adds a good karma to it :-)

    However, I won't stand in the way of you making money from your hard work. That would be hypocritical. I would pay 10$ for it (with life-time upgrades).

    But one of the forces of TX16Wx is that it's the "little guy taking on the big shots". Corny, but never-the-less true. It's semi-advanced functionality-wise and has an UN-slick - yet BEAUTIFUL - GUI. I think you should focus on the nostalgia/geek/tracker/12-bit-sampler-fanatics/beatmakers market and let the expensive NI plugins represent the huge-sample-library-demographic.

    My 5 cents... :-)

  3. PS: I will donate 10 bucks in the very near future! :-)

  4. A donation coming from me too very soon. Thanks for reminding us! It's easy to forget that little "Donate" button to the left...

  5. A drum/groovebox with a open XML format for kits and instruments is sorely needed.

    At one time I toyed with creating one using SynthMaker but never had the time to finish it.

    I would love to see a unified standard format for drum samplers that has a basic subset of features, so I could take one kit from vst and pull it in to another without the need for conversion.

    Or on the flip side how about a drumkit conversion program. As a paid owner of BPM and GURU, I really wish there was a way to move kits between the 2 without totally re-creating them.
    I would totally pay for that!!!

    Whether or not you go commercial is not the problem to me, too many times developers want you to pay then not offer any kind of support.

    I absolutely love Cockos' model for Reaper and am a proud paid user. I think you should follow their model.

    I like TX16WX and will be donating very soon.

  6. Hello,

    I am very much in same boat as the first poster.

    I think that some sort of fundraising could be alternative/parallel possibility. Publicly announce that this is how much I want and then these softwares will be free.

    Seeing alot of new people interested in making music, or already tipping toes like me + the already existing online community of KVR, I think the TX16WX and the drum sampler program you are thinking, have enormous online community potential with alot of user made sampled instruments, drum kits and what not.

    If we toe tippers and KVR community can raise the money to make it freeware, alot of people would benefit.

    This of course would require iron will and extensive conversation between you as developer and community to see if this would be an option.

    But to the question, for me 30€ is not much for a software that I know I need, and I know I'm in desperate need of a drum sample player that has nicely working close groups.

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  8. I would pay for a Shortcircuit replacement.
    I never understood the drum machine concept, what's the point ? I can do the same in Shortcircuit.
    If its just the pad thing, then it's easy (i guess) to add this as an "gui addon".
    But if there's a keyboard on the sampler gui, you can play your samples, drums as well.
    I don't want to have one vst for drums and one for the other sounds, its juste a waste, one great sampler for all is all i need.
    50 to 80 € for me.