Sunday, 23 October 2011

Version 0.9.08 released

New update, probably last real feature-release before 1.0. Some nice items in this release is peaks caching for large waves and per-sample loop point modulation. TX16Wx now also features choke groups, which should help people building drum kits etc.
A lot of bug fixes as well, and quite a bit of internal refactoring goes into this. As usual, there is of course the chance of newly introduced bugs.

  • Names of performances/programs are now tied to file names, i.e saving item as new file will modify the name.
  • Added choke groups. Also removed "Mono/P" and "Legato/P" since these can easily be implemented through choke groups.
  • Loop start/end modulation is now per sample (was fixed on note-on)
  • Added support for ReaPeaks wave cache files to speed up drawing large waves.
  • Load / Drag-drop of performances and programs now accept more than one file.
  • External controllers with offset now auto-scales to keep full parameter range (i.e setting offset 63 effectively maps controller to <-1 - 1> range).
  • Made VU meters more accurate
  • Added support for bipolar automation parameters.
  • Fixed bug in group "separate" operation
  • Fixed layout of large number of slices
  • Fixed bugs in file loading path resolve
  • Fixed various memory leaks
  • Fixed various races in delete operations
  • Fixed race in program preview
  • Fixed oneshot AEG bug
  • Fixed missing group name escape in txprog 
  • Fixed XSD typos
  • Fixed numeric performance/program selector response 
Next release will improve the handling of changed sound items, but other than that I will focus on making the instrument as bug free as possible for the 1.0 release.

Happy music making!