Sunday, 23 October 2011

Version 0.9.08 released

New update, probably last real feature-release before 1.0. Some nice items in this release is peaks caching for large waves and per-sample loop point modulation. TX16Wx now also features choke groups, which should help people building drum kits etc.
A lot of bug fixes as well, and quite a bit of internal refactoring goes into this. As usual, there is of course the chance of newly introduced bugs.

  • Names of performances/programs are now tied to file names, i.e saving item as new file will modify the name.
  • Added choke groups. Also removed "Mono/P" and "Legato/P" since these can easily be implemented through choke groups.
  • Loop start/end modulation is now per sample (was fixed on note-on)
  • Added support for ReaPeaks wave cache files to speed up drawing large waves.
  • Load / Drag-drop of performances and programs now accept more than one file.
  • External controllers with offset now auto-scales to keep full parameter range (i.e setting offset 63 effectively maps controller to <-1 - 1> range).
  • Made VU meters more accurate
  • Added support for bipolar automation parameters.
  • Fixed bug in group "separate" operation
  • Fixed layout of large number of slices
  • Fixed bugs in file loading path resolve
  • Fixed various memory leaks
  • Fixed various races in delete operations
  • Fixed race in program preview
  • Fixed oneshot AEG bug
  • Fixed missing group name escape in txprog 
  • Fixed XSD typos
  • Fixed numeric performance/program selector response 
Next release will improve the handling of changed sound items, but other than that I will focus on making the instrument as bug free as possible for the 1.0 release.

Happy music making!


  1. 1st to comment!!! Yeah!!! Thanks for the multiple file import, and all the other changes!!

    More developers should take the road you take!!

  2. hi Calle
    i'have found 2 bugs
    1-when i use multi out (1+2,3+4,5+6 ect )in same prog to difrent groupe ( groupe 1->out1, groupe 2->out 2)when i reload my song tx16 crash
    2-eag attack dosen't work with param controle(param 0 param1 etc..)
    nice work

  3. ps: i have test on aodix and renoise same think
    after reload, i press midi key tx16 crash

  4. Eliaz: Output bug verified and fixed. As for AEG modulation, it works, but it seems the range is way to low to make any difference (i.e inaudible). I'll tweak it...