Monday, 7 November 2011

0.9.11 - Bugfixes

New release, no new features, but fixes for the bugs reported this week.

  • Fixed velocity/key range as modulation source
  • Fixed bugs with inverse velocity sensitivity - did not load, nor sound correct
  • Fixed reapeaks creation bug causing mipmaps becoming overlapped
The last item should receive a special note: The building of reapeaks files was broken in a rather lame way in 0.9.10, resulting in mixed up mip-maps in the file. I recommend you delete all generated reapeaks files to make sure they are recreated (hopefully) correctly. Sorry about that.


  1. Hi Calle. Great work.

    Is there a tutorial to show the order of steps to creating a bank and performance, etc? A couple of examples of how to get a WAV working, from start to finish?

    I can drag a bunch of .wav files to the Keymap page and set up all the splits, and use the various settings. But, I'm struggling with the whole concept of Banks and Performances and Groups and how they all work together.

    It feels like a great piece of software that I'd love to use, but I'm needing a bit of help to use it properly. Thanks.

  2. Did you read through the manual & quickstart guide? They provide at least some insight into using the plugin (I hope). Of course, suggestions on ways to make them better is much appreciated.

  3. the voice structure is a bit confusing... I would have the performance as the top level, do away with banks.

  4. There didn't seem to be a quickstart in the zip I downloaded. I've gone through most of it, in version 1, now, though. I've posted in the Reaper forum on a problem I ham having with regards to the root key mapping.