Wednesday, 30 November 2011

TX16Wx at download sites

As you may or may not have noticed, TX16Wx is available for download from a number of "freeware/shareware download sites", such as Softpedia, toggle etc etc. Quite often old beta versions.
I would like to point out that this is nothing I sanction or support. In fact, the TX16Wx license quite clearly states that it is not permitted to redistribute the software without expressed permission. I.e. these sites are hosting TX16Wx downloads without my consent and in violation of the license. (Although at least Softpedia was nice enough no notify me about it).

At first I thought I would issue a cease and desist to these sites, but I quickly realized that the sheer number of them is rather unmanagable. And I don't like writing emails.
Anyhow, I want to point out this issue once and for all, and also make clear that I am not at all affiliated with any of these download sites. So, support your local TX16Wx developer by downloading the software from here, click a few ads and send me a nice tune you make with the software.

A version 1.01 will be along soon, fixing some compatibiliy issues pointed out at KVR. Until then, happy sampling.


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