Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Version 0.9.09 released

Last feature beta. After this I will collect any bug reports, and then there will be 1.0-time.

Changes in 0.9.09:
  • Added Loop Direction modulation
  • Added LFO trigger control (can now choose to retrigger or operate in continuous mode)
  • Added limited switchable font & color for main view parameters
  • Improved sound item modification tracking
  • Fixed assigning individual outputs to groups
  • Fixed AEG Attack/Time modulation, was barely noticable
  • Fixed draw error in wave editor on XP
Hope you enjoy it.


  1. BRAVO! a most stellar update this is!
    i donated :) i think now is just a matter
    of polishing it up and making it rock stable?

    i am currently sampling a bunch of my hardware
    synths and building up a TX16w library :)
    done so very easily with the built in loop crossfading!

    keep it up Calle!

  2. Sampling hardware sound excellent! The real deal indeed. Let me know any issues you run into, or ideas on how to improve the instrument.

  3. hi Calle , i've found an others bugs :)
    1- when wave is use in sequence(played) if you click on wave in sample section tx16 crash ( key press and clic on wave at same times crash too)
    2- lfo go but dont back he stay down if no triger ( i think lfo need to up and down ;)))) lol
    have little request :
    1- zoom on mouse mollette
    2- automaton for lfo pos
    3- much edit option in sample view (select,cut copy,paste,ect.... like great sampler) i know its lot of work

    for resquet 3 if you have time ;)
    nice work
    bye sry for my english

  4. hi calle, ok so i am getting some wavs being corrupted on saving and loading of the programs.

    it is very strange. because on some stereo wavs the corruption only happens on one channel!
    as you see in pic below...


    notice the straight lines? that is what TX16w is doing to the wavs.
    when played back it just sounds like crackling.

    i have a feeling it might be the reapeaks thing
    because i never noticed this happening before you added that.

    ok next: when editing wavs in the editor, it does not look right. see pic:


    notice how your display shows part of the front of the wav in the back?

    also, the changed text font and color prefrences do not stick. i have to keep changing it when i reload the plugin.

    Dave out!

  5. here is how i am greating the patches.

    new program

    create from wavs(windows 16bit PCM stereo wavs)

    assign wavs to keymaps

    add loops, crossfade and normalize

    assign loops to keymaps

    save program.

  6. ok calle, i did some process of elimination tests. for the wav corruption bug.

    it appears the normalization is causing the corruption because I did a save wav before normalizing and then open the wav with cooledit and it has no corruption. apply normalize in tx16 editor and save....open it in cooledit and it has the corruption. check it on your end!

  7. Unknown: can you send me the wav(s) that save/display badly? I have not noticed this behaviour with any wavs I've tested, so I'm guessing it data dependent...

    As for preferences, what is the value of your LOCALAPPDATA system variable, and is there a TX16Wx directory there? TX stores a settings file (+ other prefs) there.

  8. ok here you go:


    something that may or may not matter - I'm using
    48khz ASIO sample rate in energyXT2.

    it tripped up PLEX2 that just went freeware.
    PLEX would sound ok on 44.1khz but make cracle noises on 48khz. so try switching your sample rate to 48khz and run tests if it isnt on that rate already.


  9. Ok, normalization bug fixed. Rounding error i nboth norm. and saving the wave back to 16-bit. Added better precision and forceful clipping, so should not happen now.

    About the wave drawn wrongly, what edit did you do?

  10. Eliaz: Found and fixed the issue with sample view playing causing crash. Thanks for the heads up.
    About LFO, I'm not really understanding your issue? Can you explain?

  11. ok Calle, here is a vid clip of exactly what i'm doing. simply opening a wav in the editor! :


    this clip has sound so you can hear it as well.

    it does this with any wav i open.

  12. Unknown: Ok, I misunderstood. I though the weird wave drawing occured after you did a sample edit, but it happens as soon as you load any wave?
    Not suprisingly, I've not noticed this here. Can you provide any of the faulting waves?

  13. http://home.comcast.net/~layzer/tx16/roomsnare.wav

    there u go.... thats the wav that gets loaded in the video clip.

    it opens up chopped up on my gateway laptop too, so i know its not the OS or EXT2 install on my DAW thats goofy.


  14. oh, and i was able to load some mono wavs that come up looking correct after all. so it may be just a certain kind.

  15. Ok, I can see what's wrong. Drawing repeaks data is somewhat broken. Will fix...