Monday, 14 November 2011

Version 1.0 Released - TX16Wx now out of beta

TX16Wx is a 100% free VSTi Sampler with professional features and an easy to use graphical interface - and - one of the few sampler instruments, free or commercial, with a fully documented file format. Not a preset-player or disk-streaming library engine, this is a plugin for you to make your own sounds, tweak and experiment. Bring back the fun of the old hardware samplers - in software.

After more than two months of public beta testing, various feature addons and bug fixes, this plugin is now released proper. Many thanks to all the enthusiastic testers and bug reporters.

  • Unlimited multi-timbral operation
  • 128 voice polyphony
  • Modulation matrix with 16 modulation slots per voice
  • 24dB resonant filter
  • Two syncable LFO + Two modulation envelopes per voice
  • Polyphonic glide
  • Built-in sample editor
  • Automatic Loop Slicing + slice mapping
  • Actually Samples! Record waves straight into the sampler.
  • Graphical keyboard mapping editor
  • Automatic sample layout
  • Drag & drop of samples/programs/performances/banks
  • Automatic pitch detection
  • Loop crossfading
  • 4 Stereo + 8 Mono outputs
  • 16 mappable controllers for automation
  • 48 mappable VST parameters for automation
  • Per-sample loop start/end/direction modulation
  • Multiple loop definitions per wave
  • Individual outs for keyboard groups (drums)
  • Multiple keyboard scales
  • Multiple trigger modes
  • Mono/Poly/Legato operation
  • 8 choke groups per program
  • Preview loaded programs and samples in your song before loading 
  • Quick select of sound data via Midi
  • WAV/AIFF/AIFC/SoundFont 2 support
  • Reads Typhoon compressed AIF files
  • Reads Original Yamaha OS Wave files
  • 100% documented XML-based sound file format. Anyone can write conversion tools.
  • Saves data in DAW project directory
  • Low CPU usage
  • Fully native, optimized for SSE2.
  • 64-bit support
  • Nice sound!
Downloads for Windows x86 and x64 are available.


  1. Let me be the first to say HOO RAHH!
    I am a proud user and supporter of TX16WX
    thanks for zapping the bugs out as fast as you do.
    which is more than i can say for some commercial
    software. I've been enjoying building my TX16 library. mostly pads and lead sounds... i love it!


  2. To repeat the first poster, thank you! Almost replace Kontakt with this baby.

    I might donate again just to keep you going!

  3. Oh yeah. My congratulations on releasing the 1.0 version. You did a great job. This software makes me believe in the idea of good music made with free stuff. Good luck.

  4. I've only played around with it a little bit when it was still in beta but I have to say the interface and general concept instantly 'clicked' with me. Something I haven't found with most of the commercial VST samplers so far.
    Big thanks for making this available.

  5. found a tiny tiny bug Calle,

    when the level 1 knob is set to any value other than MAX, ie; 1.00 i can hear crackles in the wavs
    setting it to max makes it go away, just a heads up....

  6. oops false alarm, i didnt fade in the wav. it was clicking from the chopped beginning.

  7. I haven't dl'd yet (at work) very interested. Can it velocity layer too? Didn't catch that in the description.

  8. Yes, groups have both key and velocity range, thus layering is possible.

  9. cubase essential 5 won't recognize the instrument.

  10. What a marvel of a creation you have made! Congratulations to you, Calle! May you keep it more advanced than a commercial sampler and FREE!

  11. Afternoon Calle, I've posted up my reply to your suggestion, in the Reaper forum. Thanks.

  12. Alas, will not work with Sonar 7 (XP SP2) just receive "runtime error". Disappointing, as it seems a useful VST

  13. Edsan: Could you be more specific as to how it failed and what errors occured? I don't really have access to Sonar 7. Sonar X1 demo loads and runs TX16Wx just fine, but if I'm not mistaken 7 still uses the VST-DX bridge? Might be an issue there. I'll hunt for a Sonar 7 to test with. Meanwhile, more info would be welcome.

  14. Thanks for your reply Calle, I'll get back to you with some more info, when I'll done in the studio. (will try the vst-dx bridge)
    All the best

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  16. Weird, I have only tested it with Cubase 4.5 (32 & 64). Don't own 5 or 6 unfortunately. Are you using 32 or 64 bit version? What OS?

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  18. TX does not have any external dependencies not already present on a W7 system (only dep. is msxml). I'm downloading the C6 trial now. We'll see what I can find out.

  19. Hi Calle, re: not working with Sonar 7.02. I am able to load an instance of TX into a project, editing and playback is fine. I can save the project. However, upon reloading, Sonar crashes; here are 2 separate crash logs:

    AppName: sonarpdr.exe AppVer: ModName: cjlibrary.dll
    ModVer: Offset: 0004350c

    AppName: sonarpdr.exe AppVer: ModName: kernel32.dll
    ModVer: 5.1.2600.2180 Offset: 0001eb33

    I am using XP (32bit) SP2 - Emu0404 - intelP4 - 3gb ram.
    Love to get it working as such a cool sampler.

  20. Hi Calle!

    I'm truly ashamed... Please delete my posts.
    It is working. First create Performance, then Slot, then Group, load Sample. Thought i could load a Sample directly and then mess around without anything. But tell me how to first import only a Sample and make it working. Right now i have to go the Manual way. :)


    Another Fool On Tools...

  21. At the risk of being yet another arrogant dev. saying "rtfm", I would actually suggest reading through the manual and _quick start guide_.

    But, to summarize: To get a sound up and playing; PerfEditor->Right Click->New Performance+Program, switch to keymapper, drag&drop samples onto the keyboard. Or right-click group list (right side), new group, then add splits and samples through the created groups context menu. Or drag&drop again. :)

  22. Edsan: Not sure about it, but you might be experiencing the same issue that anoth person had with Orion, namely my inability to read the (rather well hidden) documentation for getChunkFile in the VST 2.4 spec. Stay tuned for a bugfix release any time now. Let's see if that fixes your issues.

  23. Calle: Ok I hope so, because after 30mins playing with the TX, achieved some inspiring results. Thanks for your efforts.