Sunday, 18 December 2011

Ho ho ho...

As the snow still refuses to show its pale face here in Stockholm, at least we can take comfort in that I will not fully shun my responsibilities; thus here is another minor fix-release. Following up on a very embarrassing report that the TX filter changed frequency with the host sample rate. Oh, what a lamo error. A multiplication got lost somewhere during the beta I take it. Lo, but here at least 'tis fixed.
Version 1.0.04:

  • Fixed bug where filter cutoff frequency would scale with host sample rate
  • Fixed race+crash with sampling function
  • Fixed performance not keeping track of whether it had changed state or not
  • Added "Save All" to all sound items for quicker operation
In case anyone is wondering, I am working on TX16Wx v2 (TX32Wx?), mainly building a better and easier UI. There has been a number of suggestions already, but if anyone has wishes and opinions for it, don't forget to tell me.

Now, go eat christmas ham!
Happy Christmas Sampling