Sunday, 18 December 2011

Ho ho ho...

As the snow still refuses to show its pale face here in Stockholm, at least we can take comfort in that I will not fully shun my responsibilities; thus here is another minor fix-release. Following up on a very embarrassing report that the TX filter changed frequency with the host sample rate. Oh, what a lamo error. A multiplication got lost somewhere during the beta I take it. Lo, but here at least 'tis fixed.
Version 1.0.04:

  • Fixed bug where filter cutoff frequency would scale with host sample rate
  • Fixed race+crash with sampling function
  • Fixed performance not keeping track of whether it had changed state or not
  • Added "Save All" to all sound items for quicker operation
In case anyone is wondering, I am working on TX16Wx v2 (TX32Wx?), mainly building a better and easier UI. There has been a number of suggestions already, but if anyone has wishes and opinions for it, don't forget to tell me.

Now, go eat christmas ham!
Happy Christmas Sampling


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  2. Hi. When I use the "one shot" function the sampler still seems to operate as if it was in the "normal" mode. It reacts to release and decay knobs but in the "one shot" mode it shouldn't because it should play the wave from the beginning to end. Or am I wrong? v.
    One question: If I want to create a drum kit and I want to have the editing possibility over each sample in the kit, like decay, frequency, sample start and so on, do I have to assign each sample to a separate group?
    Last question: what should I do if I want to create a multilayer drum shots, like a snare drum with 2 or 3 velocity-dependent sounds. And..., is there a way to make them occur randomly instead of being velocity-dependent?
    Many questions, I know, but I like the sampler, however, still not sure how to use it for drum kits. I think there should be some separate tutorial for drum kits, apart from the short one included in the manual or some ready drum kit uploaded somewhere to see how to create them.

    Thank you and sorry for bothering.

  3. My $.00 $.00- I pray the new UI is larger-even resizable. I hate that I can't see All the keys at once (maybe just a Full zoom out on keymap page). 16 stereo outs is always a pleaser.
    Crazy as it sounds my biggest desire in a soft sampler is still - total control from MIDI. You've got destructive editing (excellent!), now, if I could just edit Solely from my BCR... I use macros-scripts/BMT to get as close as possible. Can't wait to see what comes next!

    Where do I send formal suggestions?

  4. Hi. It's impossible to assign different outputs to certain groups. When I switch an output for one group, it automatically changes the assigned output in the previously assigned one. And there are too few stereo outputs imo. Thanks

  5. kxuser: I'm guessing you are using the wrong output selector when trying to set a group to individual out. The group can be set to an output independant of program slot by selecting something other than "" in the "output" section (top row, keyboard mapper).
    For your drums questions, yes, to have individual sound settings or velocity layers you need individual groups. Velocity layers are made by taking a group and setting the low/high velocity to whereever you want the group to start playing (i.e one group vel 0-30, one 31-63 and one 64-127 etc).
    And last, oneshot means that there will be no loop played, nor will there be any sustain phase. However, all other envelope aspects will play as before, i.e tweak your decay/release settings to get the proper AEG sound.

  6. Maker ProFaze: v2.0 will have resizable UI (though probably fixed sizes (640, 800, 1024 etc) since many hosts are somewhat crap when it comes to resizing... :-P I think that fitting the whole 127 key range into window might be hard, but perhaps an option to cap the keyboard range into the more useful parts (C0-C6 or so)
    16 Stereo out is a lot. Not sure, wish hosts handled changing output config better.
    Midi control is actually a very nice idea. Very oldschool. Thats how I'd program a lot of my old digital synths. I will look into it.

  7. Hi, fantastic sampler! All the more so because it's free.

    I'm running into an odd issue, however: when I try to load 24-bit wave files, it tells me "Address out of bounds" and won't load them. I'm running 1.0.04 x64 on REAPER x64, Windows 7. But, it also does this with the 32-bit version in 32-bit Renoise.

    Any ideas? Does it just not support 24-bit samples?

  8. TX16Wx support pretty much all WAV formats, but there might be some quirk with the waves you're trying to load causing it to barf. If you can send me some of them I can investigate.

  9. Hi. Thanks for your help. That explains a lot. I managed to create a drumkit with waves of my choice.

  10. hello.

    regarding v2 my suggestions would be:

    -drop multitimbrality. it overcomplicates the instrument SO much. this is not hardware, this is a vsti software sampler, there are no limitations in the number of vsti instances of tx16wx that you can load in your sequencer \ vst host. besides complicating the instrument it also overcomplicates the sequencer settings: you have to deal with outputs and midi channels. having multiple outputs is very important and nice but not because of multitimbrality.

    -make it with the less interface pages that you can. fit the most possible settings per page.

    -someone already suggested that it should diplay the entire keyboard. i agree. this is very nice since it gives you an overall view of all the sample mappings.

    hope this helps a bit :)

  11. In my opinion dropping multitimbrality would be one of worse things that could happen to this sampler. I for example, use tx16wx to create natural rock drum kits, so it should be multitimbral at least for this reason. Claiming that a feature should be dropped because you Hugo personally don't need it, and not paying attention to others, is a bit irresponsible in my view.

  12. it's not because i dont need it...its because it doesnt make any sense in the software world and overcomplicates everything. take it easy, man. it is just a suggestion.

  13. I've switched to TX as my sole sampler - I'm just about completely invested
    {real money to come, I promise}. I got my hardware TX about 9 1/2 years ago, so I figure it's fitting. Here's my list of nit-picks:

    -(The Biggie)- Loop Selectors on Sample Edit Menu? I expect this doesn't go along with the heirarchy but it's awkward to have to add a loop in Sample Edit then click over to KeyMap to select it then click back to Sample Edit to use it. *[extreme]Don't know the cpu/ram cost, but maybe a number of loops could be default auto assigned/ready to use? Maybe bad for drums, but useful with just a few samples.
    -High(er) contrast for sample points vs wave display- all greyish makes the (start/end/loop) points a little hard to discern (what am I moving?) *loop points different color than start/end points.
    -The Start/End/Loop grab areas in the wave display could be bigger
    -Play sample when clicking in wave window as an option (low grab for no triggering?)
    -Sample editor selectable output channel (ie option to select mono out to free stereo out)
    -Loop Crossfade rework? It actually functions well, but I'm 'used' to spinner controls. I'm getting accustomed to it's destructive nature. Nice results though. I'm not complaining.
    -Loop start before sample start.
    -More MIDI Modulators/Host Automations, (and more destinations). uhm... finer resolution?
    -Does TX do Play Sample Reverse (unlooped?) should I rtfm?
    Guess that's it for now. I like TX16Wx the more I use it. Thanks for your ongoing efforts.

  14. Crap. I forgot to mention (as you should well know) you could go as far as making multiple .dlls to accomodate different fixed outputs as well as gui size. Probaly lots of work and more codes/headaches to have to troubleshoot than it's worth. Ah well, I'm just throwing ideas out.

  15. I second the notion of multiple .dll's if not just to have a single stereo version so that TX16Wx doesn't take up so much space in modular plugin hosts if you aren't using the extra outs.

  16. Hi there.

    Will v2 be skinnable? Another thing that I would like to see would be some granular fx like in FLoscPLoSkan.

    Tnx for making this free.

  17. Wow, this VST plug do I need to look closely at!
    Comes with comments when I have tested TX16Wx


  18. Is there a OSX Mac version?