Friday, 20 January 2012

Small bugfix update

New update, this time fixing the trim/loop issue reported by Maker Profaze.
v 1.0.05:
  • Fixed loops not being updated on trim operation in sample editor
  • Fixed sampleeditor view not refreshing properly when playing in zoomed mode


  1. Hello, I'm enjoying this sampler. Thanks for your hard work. I'm having an issue with it though. I can't save anything. When I try to save a bank or performance it has an error message that says "cannot create temp file". The file I'm attempting to save still appears to be there, and when I attempt to load a bank it says "could not read file: 52:0; unexpected end of input." When I attempt to load the performance it says "could not read file: 9:25; unexpected end of input." BTW I'm using it in REAPER 32bit, Windows 7 64bit.

  2. Sounds like you are trying to save waves into a read-only directory (or loaded waves from, and are now re-saving to). The message is when the sampler tries to save the wave files of your bank. Try saving the whole bank to a directory you which have write permissions, using "copy content". Also, saving the state of the sampler "implicitly" by saving your reaper project should work.

  3. I had to think about it, but I assigned the same modulation source to loop start and loop end and now have Move Loop - very cool indeed.

    Just wanted to add, when duplicating/range-to-new, the editor switches to the created wave, though it's not (MIDI) active until assigned to a keymap/group. I'll often duplicate a wave as a sidebar when I know I want more 'slices' or another part, but after duplicating I have to return to the source wave to continue editing. Since the new wave must be assigned to a keymap for use, it's an extra step to re-select the original wave after duplicating- unless of course you're finished editing the initial wave and want to move on to the duplicate - in which case it still needs to be grouped. Selecting the new wave is a good time to rename it though.

    I want a CWi T-shirt.

  4. I'm having the same problem

    Reaper 32 installed portable at C:\Portable\Reaper
    TX16w 32 dll installed at C:\VSTPlugins\Instruments\TX16w

    I get "cannot create temp file" when doing anything with TX16w


  5. (PS ive not even loaded any banks/sounds so i dont think its anything to do with permissions for wave samples)