Sunday, 26 February 2012

Version 1.0.06 released. Bugfixes and improvements

After a few bug reports and feature requests from you users, I tore myself from the joys of new development (and Skyrim) and did some fixes. Here you go.

Version 1.0.06:
  • Fixed Sample trim not updating loops
  • Fixed sample view not drawing preview lines properly when zoomed + scrolled
  • Fixed "splits to groups" creating groups with broken split keys, causing crash when editing
  • Fixed crash when importing Soundfonts with broken sample link info
  • Fixed reading soundfont preset key/velocity range, making instrument velocity layers handling work better
  • Added program change support. Sending Midi program change on any channel will now switch between performances
  • Added name based sample matching to build stereo samples from soundfont samples with broken sample links
  • Added joining of stero pair instrument zones to stereo groups when importing sound fonts
The sound font improvements should increase success rate and quality of imports quite a bit I hope.
Happy sampling.


  1. Hi - good work on TX16w BUT I really need a sample player that allows me to bypass the amp env so I can trigger a sample from a key and have it loop continuously (without having to hold the key down) and then I could stop it by assigning a small sample of silence to another key and assigning them both to a choke group or having that program monophonic. Or assign different loops to different keys and do the same but as each new loop is triggered it cuts off the previous one. So frustrating to have the amp env hardwired in on every sample player. Any chance of adding an amp env bypass?

  2. Glenny: Sounds like you want Ableton live? Not sure the use case fits with a melodic sampler. You could try using a hold pedal in combination with mono/choke groups? Should do what you want.

    Ricky: Perhaps not the most verbose bug report I've had. Could you elaborate?