Sunday, 26 February 2012

Version 1.0.06 released. Bugfixes and improvements

After a few bug reports and feature requests from you users, I tore myself from the joys of new development (and Skyrim) and did some fixes. Here you go.

Version 1.0.06:
  • Fixed Sample trim not updating loops
  • Fixed sample view not drawing preview lines properly when zoomed + scrolled
  • Fixed "splits to groups" creating groups with broken split keys, causing crash when editing
  • Fixed crash when importing Soundfonts with broken sample link info
  • Fixed reading soundfont preset key/velocity range, making instrument velocity layers handling work better
  • Added program change support. Sending Midi program change on any channel will now switch between performances
  • Added name based sample matching to build stereo samples from soundfont samples with broken sample links
  • Added joining of stero pair instrument zones to stereo groups when importing sound fonts
The sound font improvements should increase success rate and quality of imports quite a bit I hope.
Happy sampling.