Sunday, 4 March 2012

New release (again!): Version 1.0.07

I got some great feedback and bug reports this last few weeks, so as a result there has been a ton of stuff fixed and added. Here's the changelist for the new drop. Some really nice workflow additions here. You can now set sampe start/end point by Ctrl-left/right click in the sample editor, Shift-click for loop points and also automatic loop creation + ability to assign a loop to all (or previously loop-less) splits directly. No more clicking through groups.
Group start parameter is now visualized in the sample editor as well, whcih makes that parameter easier to work with. And of course a bunch of fixes as well.
v. 1.0.07:
  • Fixed race condition when some edit operations could cause crash if voices where playing
  • Fixed issue when deleting loops/slices could cause crash playing voices or exporting MIDI files
  • Fixed bug where Backwards/Bidirectional loop would not play if loop end equals wave end
  • Added reverse sample region operation to sample editor
  • Added "assign loop" to sample editor to quickly set current loop active in assigned splits
  • Added group start as editable visual marker in sample editor if current wave is part of selected groups
  • Added mouse shortcuts to directly set wave and loop start/end. Ctrl-click now sets wave bounds and shift-click sets the current loop range. Setting loop start/end when no loop exists will now automatically create one.
  • Made "forward" the default loop mode when creating new loops
Meanwhile the work on version 2.0 continues. Perhaps soon I'll post some screens of the new UI.
Happy sampling