Saturday, 21 July 2012

Help me help you

I've made quite some headway with version 2.0, and its becoming almost workable. I would like to start a beta program soon and get some input on the UI and of course some heads up on all the various new and old problems that might remain.

The new version contains numerous refactorings, fixes and tweaks to the plugin, but apart from the new UI there are very few new features yet. I want to get the UI done before I start addressing possible improvements to the sound engine and such. And there is also some chance that there are features and fixes from v1.0 that have not made it to the new version. One more reason for your input on the plugin.

So, if you feel adventurous and want to help the development of TX16Wx, consider signing up to be a beta tester by sending me a message at [elcallio [at]]. I cannot say exactly when the first beta drop will be, but most likely within this month.

1 comment:

  1. I'm new to this excellent and welcomed VSTi.

    I have one comment: The envelopes do not work as in Typhoon. In Typhoon, the L3 and T3 segments are triggered when the note is released.

    I find this extremely useful to emulate the slight detuning that happens when, for instance, a violin bow is removed from a string, or a trumpeter stops air flow. This gives the sound a slight shimmer and lively sound.

    Otherwise, seems solid and fun!

    Thanks and hope all is well.