Sunday, 28 October 2012

TX16Wx 2.0 b16 Released

Hello all.
As promised, a new beta release today, this time with some real loving given to the slicer section of the instrument. All operations on sliced samples, such as re-slicing and add/delete slice will now automatically update any slice group layout you have mapped, making interactive work flow quicker than ever.
You can now also double-click inside a slice to cut it into two, as well as double click the boundary between two sliced to merge them.
 Also, when using the "layout slice" command in the sample editor, the sampler auto key mapping bounds are used for the created group, and the algorithm will try to find non-overlapping regions in case you have other groups in the program.
Some bug fixes as well, handling of deleted loops as well as GDI+ issues on WinXP.

  • Fixed crash in GDI+ shutdown on XP
  • Fixed crash with badly assigned loops
  • Fixed continuous LFO not playing correctly with transport stopped
  • Fixed SFZ "group" loop definition not being read correctly in some cases
  • Fixed UI update issue on XP
  • Tweaked beat detection algorithm to produce better results
  • All UI aspects should now be preserved across open/close/session
  • Added "step" sync for sequence LFO modulators. When active, tempo sync is per step
  • Inactive filter is now rendered "off"
  • Added zero line in sample editor
  • Added volume control for preview in file browser / dialog
  • LFO default frequency is now 0.5 Hz
  • Slice layouts now show slice number in keyboard mapper
  • Re-slicing wave now preserves pinned slices better
  • Delete loop/delete slices/re-slicing wave now cleans out mapped group loop assignments
  • Re-slicing/delete/add slice now updates existing mappings with new slice definitions
  • Layout slices now uses sampler auto keyboard mapping bounds
  • Layout slices now creates non-overlapped key mappings
  • Sample editor now allows double click to create/delete slices
  • Duplicate range can now use loop/slice as source region
  • Input field with MIDI values now listen to note-on when double-clicked (setting)
Note that I intend to begin feature-freeze now, i.e. I will only add a few more non-intrusive features before going gold with version 2.0. I'm hoping to treat next drop as a release candidate for v2.0 free.

Get the plug in from

Happy sampling

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