Friday, 19 October 2012

TX16Wx 2.0 Beta 15 Now Available

Hello all.
A new beta drop is now available for download from
This release fixes a number of nasty glitches and memory leaks, mainly in importers and graphics subsystem.
Most users should find this version quite a bit more snappy to work with. Also included are some of the most requested feature additions.

  • Fixed memory leaks in graphics subsystem
  • Fixed memory leaks in sound item handling and Sound font import
  • Fixed sampling setting root key in new sample when auto detect pitch off
  • Fixed saving sound items not creating paths relative places list
  • Fixed SF2 import generating bad loop assignments with broken sound fonts
  • Fixed jumping window size in sample editor when sampler panel was hidden/shown
  • Fixed Ctrl-click in slot/group/split/wave/split widgets deselecting list item
  • Fixed up/down buttons in wave/loop list double trigger
  • Fixed graphics update issue when moving cross fade handles
  • Fixed crash when using keyboard mapper context menu "edit wave"
  • Fixed trim not updating sample view zoom
  • Fixed cross fade controls being drawn incorrectly on XP
  • Added swap L<->R in sample editor
  • Added convert Mono<->Stereo in sample editor
  • Made top panel more compact and VU meters clearer
  • Keyboard mapper and split list item now opens file chooser for samples on double click
  • UI now uses hardware acceleration on Windows 7 when available
  • UI now independent of GDI+ on Windows 7
  • Added volume boost / dampen tool in sample editor
  • Improved VU meter accuracy
  • Sample editor and keyboard mapper now uses indicates selection zones with cursor highlighting
  • Added command to create new waves from slices
  • File sizes in file browser are now more accurate
  • Improved selecting groups and splits in keyboard mapper
Please redirect questions and suggestions to the new forum at KVR.

Happy sampling

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