Sunday, 14 October 2012

TX16Wx 2.0 Public Beta 2

So, one week later, and lots of feedback and feature requests. I've tried to address as many as I could during the short time, and I think you'll find the results rather neat. The UI has received some tuneups, both visually and speed wise, and a few but crucial bug fixes as well.

Soundfont import got some more loving as well, as well as the Beat slicer, which is now looking much nicer and has some important usability additions.

One requested feature might warrant some instuctions; MIDI key and velocity fields now respond to MIDI input when selected. Either by turning this on permanently in the settings, or by activating MIDI select. This in turn can now be toggled by clicking the icon or holding 'm' key pressed. When active and a field is selected, playing MIDI notes on the keyboard will update the value field to the played note/velocity.
Note that this is active for Group/Program key/vel range, Split keys and for sample root keys.

TX16Wx 2.0 b13 Changes:

  • Fixed changing filters and modulator parameters not updating playing sounds
  • Fixed output names not displayed properly in reaper pin matrix 
  • Fixed graphics glitch with rotary knobs
  • Fixed pinned slices not maintaining their end points at re-slice
  • Fixed problem loading partially invalid WAV files
  • Fixed Soundfont importer not setting loop modes correct for certain files
  • Fixed drag and drop from Cubase media bay
  • Fixed graphics glitch in sample editor when handled where moved while playing
  • Fixed scroll bars not updating correctly when zooming in/out
  • Increased font size
  • Increased scroll bar size + nicer look
  • Some UI tweaks for clearer look
  • Made UI tabs more prominent
  • Added option for sample sub folder naming
  • Added persistence of current file browser path across UI sessions
  • MIDI select button now works as hold/toggle depending on click/hold
  • MIDI select now has shortcut key 'm'
  • Added MIDI input to key/velocity fields, optionally when MIDI select is active/always 
  • Added setting for default knob mode (circular/linear/host determined)
  • Octave names now printed in key mapper at lowest zoom setting
  • Added setting to enable/disable MIDI note names to host
  • Soundfont import now maps modulators and generators (partially)
  • Increased sample field slider responsivness
  • Improved UI responsiveness when working with large number of loops/splits
  • Improved beat slicer / chopper
    • Slices not have handles
    • Clearer drawing
    • Pin slice button in toolbar
    • When clicking in editor, slices play their range
    • Select slice by clicking inside
    • Tweaked beat detector to produce slightly better results

You can download the new version from

Next beta will include a re-vamped sampling interface with threshold sampling and auto mapping feature. Stay tuned.

Happy sampling.

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