Monday, 5 November 2012

2.0 RC1 Available

Seems nothing inspires bug reports like threatening to go gold. I've had some issues brought up, and consequently fixed. Here is the new Release Candidiate.

TX16Wx 2.0 RC1 (2012-11-05)
  • Fixed memory display broken on 32 bit platform
  • Fixed reading misaligned DAW chunk data in energyXT
  • Fixed Sound Font import not handling program level generators correctly
  • Fixed Sound Font import not handling broken sample link correctly
  • Fixed crash when duplicating slot set to 'Omni'
  • Fixed graphics issue with knobs
  • Fixed text fields in sound section not setting values
  • Fixed duplicate range not setting unique name on new wave
  • Fixed rename to not allow existing names
As always, available from

Happy sampling

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