Friday, 2 November 2012

2.0 Release Candidate is out

Spooky greetings to all.
Its been a fairly quiet week, which I hope is because you guys cannot find any more bugs in the TX16Wx. Betting on this, this (scary) version is considered a Release Candidate, i.e unless I get any reports on show stopper bugs, this is the version that will be 2.0 final, which will in turn be released next weekend.

Changes (2012-11-02):
  • Fixed toggling of path as "favourite" in file browser
  • Added memory usage info
  • Pitch detect now returns "no pitch" on failure
 As always, download this from

Of course, I know there are a plethora of features people want added to the instrument, and 2.0 final does not mean that development or new features end. It simply means that the plug in is now stable enough for daily use.  So keep the requests coming.

My next priority will be to give you the first release of the TX16Wx Professional. There will be preview drops for this as well, as features are added. If you haven't per-ordered your copy yet, why not take this opportunity to buy something nice for Halloween, and support your local VST sampler developer.

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