Thursday, 20 December 2012

First beta release of TX16Wx Professional

Seasons greetings to you all, and behold, finally, the first release of TX16Wx Professional.
This version adds the Wave matrix feature to the instrument, which, for those of you who don't know, is the ability to define 2-dimensional grids of samples to be triggered depending on selectable modulation sources.

For example, you can create a matrix that maps velocity layers of a drum sound in the Y-axis (controlled by velocity), and then add variations to each layer in the X-axis (controlled by "random" or a controller). The resulting matrix can then be used as a "sample" in itself in the mapping editor, saved and easily re-used, without the clutter of multiple groups.

The wave matrix feature is exclusive to TX16Wx Professional. To test it, enable "pro" mode in the setup page. You can then evaluate the feature for some time before the nagging starts. Then consider buying a TX16Wx Pro license. Its very affordable.

There is also a new modulation source, "random", which, on note-on, will generate a random number in the -1 to 1 range which can then be used as a modulator. Note that this source is not continuous (because "random" does not have a frequency). I will however later update the LFO with a "noise" mode to handle that use case.

This release is considered a beta, since it adds quite a bit of functionality and changes. As usual with a beta, use it at your own risk. And please make sure to notify me about any bugs you find.

Version 2.1.0 b1 (2012-12-19)
  • Added Wave matrix (TX16Wx Professional only)
  • Added the "random" modulation source
  • External controls / automation parameters can now be inverted by setting offset to max value
  • Wave preview now uses short release on stop for smoother sound
  • Various UI tweaks 
Download as usual from

I will continue working on more TX16Wx Pro features as promised, there will be updating releases later on. Improved interpolation and new filters are the top priority next. Stay tuned.

Happy sampling & and a happy new year


  1. Hi, congratulations, your applications are amazing !

    I´m creating an application to send midi messages to my keyboard, but my interface is too poor !

    Could you share some ideas with me ? Please, what lib do you use to create your applications interfaces ?

    The graphics are ok, I´m using photoshop, but I dont know how to handle the images to create customs knobs, faders...

    Thanks in advanced.

  2. Carlos,
    Thanks for the praise. The TX16Wx interface is done using CWUi, a custom built toolkit for user-drawn interfaces. If you are building a stand-alone application you need to figure out what your requirements are; multi platform? native/managed?
    If you are doing your MIDI app on windows I might suggest you look into making it with DotNet/C# and WPF for a fully native UI. No knobs there, but plenty of customization can be done, and you have great toolkit support. You could also consider building the app in Java for multi-platform support and similar easy interface building.
    I can go on and on about this obviously. But in the end, google and some of the relevant forums are probably your best friend for figuring out your needs.