Sunday, 1 December 2013

TX16Wx 2.3.0 Released

Hello all!
'Tis the season to be sampling, time to load up those sleigh bell sounds and make some Christmas songs. To that end, here is this years gift from CWITEC; its finally time for another TX16Wx update release.

This one has been brewing quite some time. Those of you who frequent the KVR forum knows that this version has been in beta since late July. And boy it has a lot of features.

Version 2.3.0 (2013-12-01):
  • Fixed MIDI note names not being refreshed in some hosts
  • Fixed load failure with certain banks created with older versions 
  • Fixed send:pre-fader not loaded from bank
  • Fixed delay feedback issue
  • Fixed bug loading performance with tempo delay
  • Fixed dry/wet mix issue in Chorus/Flanger
  • Fixed some sound fonts imported with bad play mode
  • Fixed mouse wheel scrolling for large windows
  • Fixed crash in Sonar X2 when loosing window focus 
  • Fixed turning automated knobs not sending automation data to host
  • Modified LFO and Seq modulators parameter UI disposition to be more powerful
  • Added Mono and Ping-pong mode to delay
  • Added lo/hi frequency cut for reverb
  • Added 3-band equalizer effect
  • Chorus/Flanger/Phaser inserts now converts mono to stereo for nicer sound
  • Added note priority selector for playing Mono/Legato modes
  • Added override root key functionality to splits 
  • SFZ and SF2 import now uses overriding root keys
  • Added name-based auto keyboard mapping tool
  • Added Soundfont sample and patch loading. SF2 files can now be browsed and partially loaded
  • Soundfont import now uses much less memory
  • Added BPM/R modulation source (host/wave relative tempo)
  • Program files now store wave metadata overrides such as root key, loops etc to allow more local modifications of waves without needing to save them
  • Added setting to save reapeaks files in separate folder
  • Added group crossfade regions (pro version)
  • Introduced crossfade between sample sources when playing in ono/legato mode to reduce clicking
  • Voice stealing now produces smoother sound
  • Intersecting groups can now be selected by Ctrl-rightclick on mapper keyboard
  • Playing notes on the key mapper keyboard can now vary velocity with Ctrl, Shift and Ctrl+Shift
As you can see, its a big update. Enjoy the new features, and don't forget: Nothing makes a better Christmas/Hanukkah gift than a TX16Wx license.

Download from

Happy sampling

Saturday, 27 July 2013

TX16Wx Version 2.2.3 Released

Summer heat is slowly giving way to rain and misery again, so to ease your pain I present once more a new release of TX16Wx. This is a pretty big update that has been brewing in the beta section for a while now, containing numerous fixes and new features.

Among the highlights is the ability to now replace loaded waves with new ones from disk, either through dragging or file dialog, much improved zooming in the editors, and wave point "jump" buttons to make editing easier.

Oh, and the Mac version now once again supports OSX 10.7.

Version 2.2.3 (2013-07-27)
  • OSX version now again supports MacOS 10.
  • Added "goto" buttons with automatic zoom for wave and loop start/end 
  • Added looped preview playback of samples in sample editor
  • Added drag and drop "replace" wave mappings
  • Added copy/replace loops between samples
  • Added Key/P and Vel/P modulation sources (program range based)
  • Made filter lowest frequency 20hz
  • Manual can now be opened from the plug-in
  • Zooming using mouse wheel now keeps note/sample focus correctly
  • Sample editor can now scale waveform amplitude display
  • Scrolled views can now be dragged using the middle mouse
  • Scrolled views now respond to "drag gestures"
  • Fixed scrollbars getting to small for extreme zoom-in
  • Fixed key switcher "Sequence/R" now working correctly
  • Fixed regression: VST Speaker layout handling not working properly
  • Fixed regression: Parameter names truncated in viewer
  • Fixed amplitude/volume modulation not working as expected
  • Improved list selection and usage
  • Fixed loop metadata reading from wav slightly broken for some files
  • Improved layout handling for small sized UI
Download as usual from

Happy summer sampling

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Version 2.2.2 - features and fixes galore

Hello all.
New week, new version, that is the way we do thing, no?
This build contains a number of fixes as well as some neat features suggested by people at the forum.
One pretty neat feature is the waveform overlay in the sample editor. Basically, when active, it will overlay the loop start with wave data from the loop end and vice versa. This can help quite a bit when trying to find that perfect loop point. 

As you might have read in a previous blog entry however, I found what I think is a quite serious bug when trying to use the XCode 4.6 C++11 toolset with the OSX 10.7 SDK, so version support for Mac has been set to 10.8 only. Sorry about that.

Version 2.2.2 (2013-06-27)
  • Added loop point overlay in sample editor for easier loop edit
  • Added selectable MIDI velocity curves
  • Added scrollbar arrows for easier scrolling
  • Mono/legato mode now gives trigger priority to held notes when sustenuto is on
  • Mono/legato mode now always re-triggers the last held note on note-off
  • Mono/legato mode re-trigger now respects keyboard switching properly
  • Mono/legato mode can now be forced to always re-trigger waveform/modulators by using choke groups.
  • OSX support now reduced to 10.8 due to exception linkage bug in apple sdk
  • OSX version now handles finder aliases in browser
  • Fixed poly limit not working properly
  • Fixed loading of SF2 files with illegal names inside
  • Fixed dB display in sample editor not drawn correctly
Downloads as usual from

Happy sampling

Monday, 24 June 2013

Clap & Clang

Note: Much of this post uses terms and concepts from C++ programming and ABI implementation. If you don't know about things like that, just nod, smile and try to take in the conclusion at the end. 

So I had a bug report from a Mac user. He tried to load a slightly broken AIFF file in Logic Audio 9, something that should normally have led to a little message box saying "Could not load file", and nothing more. Instead however, the whole application crashed, without so much as an apology.
He sent me the file, and I fired up AU lab and loaded it into the TX. As I expected, I got the error message I knew should be there. So what is going on?
Firing up Logic Audio, I could indeed reproduce the behaviour he described; As a matter of fact, even the trusty Reaper exhibited the same pattern. Some debugging showed that while the appropriate exception was indeed thrown, the catch clause did not take at all. In these two hosts. But they did in AU Lab. Oy wei...
So, some more debugging, and stepping through the disassembly of the exception handling framework for C++ compiled against libc++ in OSX, which is libcxxabi. Now, the exception is thrown properly, and the stack unwinding happens as it should, using libunwind. But the type matching breaks and fails to recognize that std::runtime_error is a subtype of std::exception. For this unfamiliar with how this is done in exception handling, basically an application or library exports a type table which identifies exported types, in this case the table comes from libc++. The exception handling will use soft type analysis to determine if types are related and compatible, which in turn means that to be able to handle exceptions across DLL boundaries for example, you must make sure that you both agree on the types you are exchanging (i.e. link to the same C++ runtime). But here is the funny thing; In my case, the exception handling is not across DLL boundaries, but inside a single plug-in library. And still, the type handling breaks when the plug-in is loaded in certain hosts?
I ran a number of different compiles to ensure that symbol visibility was not broken at my end, all symbols required for exception handling properly pointed out etc. No difference. I also made sure to test the behaviour on a much smaller example, the Apple "FilterDemo" sample AU plug-in.

This is where I found the culprit: OSX toolset 10.7.

I seems that a plug-in compiled with the XCode 4.6 Clang compiler, C++11 and libc++ while linking against the OSX 10.7 system headers will have broken exception handling when loaded in some applications. My guess is that something in these headers contain declarations that are not fully llvm compatible and causes a conflict in the somewhat fragile system that is the dynamic type handling in C++ exceptions when certain other compatibility libraries are loaded. And this is pretty much where I will stop my debugging of this, because it is exhausting.

And now for the conclusion:
The bottom line is; There is what I would categorise as a bug in the c++11 toolchain when targeting OSX 10.7 (unless this is explicitly unsupported, though I did not find any docs to that fact), so from the next build TX16Wx will only support OSX 10.8 and above. It might still work on a 10.7 machine, since I am not making use of any particular 10.8 features, but given that this is Apple, I would not hold my hopes up. I'm sorry for those on 10.7 eager to use TX16Wx, but since I cannot find any other way to provide a stable functioning plug-in this is how it will be.

New service release will be out in a few days.
Happy sampling

Edit: So, it seems that while the above is correct, there is a relatively simple solution, namely usign the 10.8 SDK but set targeted version 10.7. This is documented, though with a slightly pouty face I'd still like to point out that the documentation in question is not very close to the settings themselfes. So, at least partially this seems to have been a little bit of SBS on my part. Though, seriously, its still quite a weird thing to happen. Anyhow, the good news here is that there will be a 10.7 version of TX16Wx after all.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

2.2.1 - New version, some bugfixes

Hello all.

Perhaps no one was truly surprised that version 2.2.0 had a few issues that the beta testing group did not stumble upon, but you, my lovely general audience would quickly find. Alas, red-faced by embarrassment, I have to bite the sour apple (as we say in Sweden) and provide you with a quick bug-fix update

Version 2.2.1
  • Fixed linkage problem on XP
  • Fixed hanging issue on some Windows systems
  • Fixed drawing issue on some Windows systems
  • Fixed AU naming issue on OSX
  • Fixed AEG/Time modulation affecting attack
  • Fixed crash saving settings
Download from
I suggest you update as soon as possible.
Happy sampling

Monday, 17 June 2013

TX16Wx 2.2.0 for Windows and MacOSX is now available

Greetings all.
Finally, after many months of work, TX16Wx 2.2.0 is now released, adding long-awaited support for MacOSX. This release took longer than anticipated, mainly because I upped my ambitions somewhat, thus this is not simply a port, but a full rewrite of the underlying framework supporting the plug-in. TX16Wx is now running on a new cross-platform and plug-in format toolkit, with much of its insides now in shared libraries. This of course in anticipation of the new plug-ins that CWITEC will build and release during the rest of the year.

The MacOSX plug-in is available as a 32/64 bit AUi universal binary and a 64-bit VSTi. The user interface requires a Cocoa capable host.

Version 2.2.0:
  • Added Apple OSX support
  • Added Audio unit version
  • Added polyphony limit
  • Added matrix row/column distribute command
  • Added skinning support
  • Fixed issue with effects being shared between copied performances
  • Fixed automation load/save issue
  • Improved matrix editor snapping
 Enjoy, and happy sampling.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Its almost time...

Hello all. Just a few updates;
TX16Wx 2.2 will be released next week, the biggest news being MacOSX support as well as user-definable skinning. The final beta round is out now, and it looks pretty good.
However, due to all the work that has gone into the TX and the tool sets, the TX16Wx Pro license price will be increased to €29.99 (non-commercial) / €89.99 (commercial license) on release. Still an unbeatable value for the money.

To wet the appetite, here is a sample of the new demo skin, "akai":

This release is a huge refactoring and redesign of much of the innards of the plug-in, both making the sampler itself a little more clean and stable, but also to make way for some new, upcoming products.

CWITEC will be releasing a Rompler/Workstation plug-in this fall, based on the same toolset that makes TX16Wx so great. No details yet, but it will feature a more advanced synth engine than you are probably used to, as well as some neat performance tools. Stay tuned for more info as the work progresses.

Happy sampling.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

How is this for a new look?

I am usually not very talkative, but I think I should share this particular screenshot with you all, just so you don't get the impression I am too great at what I do. ;-)
This is a little accident from my ongoing efforts to bring a CSS-like stylesheet skinning to the TX16Wx.
I assure you however, this is not the intended look for the next version. Just to calm your worries.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Its time for a new beta program

Hello all.

I've been terribly busy lately, and some of the work is starting to pay off. The MacOSX version of TX16Wx is starting to shape up quite nicely. Good enough in fact that I am now announcing a new closed BETA program.

Those of you who are interested in test driving the new version of the plug-in, send an email to "support {at}" with the title "beta program". You will be added to the beta mailing list and given access to the beta downloads as they are available. I expect to make the first drop next week.

Obviously, I am primarily looking for OSX testers, but I'd also like to include Windows users, since there are a plethora of hidden changes in the whole code base and I want to make sure everything still works. Thus, everyone who feel adventurous is welcome.

Happy beta sampling!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

It is on its way...

Just a very small update with a very small teaser; Here is the first ever screenshot of TX16Wx running on MacOSX.

Is it finished? No. Will it be? Oh yes.

Happy sampling. 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Version 2.1.3

Happy post-easter to you all. I hope your eggs very plentiful, and the candy candid. Small but sweet update this week, addressing mainly an issue with certain Sound font banks, but also a general UI nicety - you now have a nice buzzing progress screen when loading and saving data to keep you certain that stuff is in fact happening. And I waited until today with releasing it, so its no joke. ;-)

Version 2.1.3 - 2013-04-02
  • Fixed name clash problem when using "save waves to project dir" option
  • Fixed SF2 stereo sample naming problem
  • Added load/save screen feedback
Download as always from

Happy sampling

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Version 2.1.2 - A few small updates

Hello all. Its been a quiet week, but a few reports came in nonetheless. Without further ado, heres the change list:

Version 2.1.2 (2013-03-24)
  • Fixed tempfile creation problem on certain systems
  • Fixed CTRL+key operations not working in all hosts
  • Fixed crash when using split wave combo box with no waves loaded
  • Fixed incompatibility with ACID program handling
  • Added workaround to strange ACID vst scanner unload behaviour
  • Load/save notifications can now be disabled
I was thinking of adding some nefarious checker code throughout the product, just to make it a little harder to re-crack (not that I mind the crack, but the very least you can do is work a little for it). But I am too lazy - I mean - I care too much about the wellbeing of my users to do such things! ;-)

Anyhow, enjoy the new release. Make some nice easter songs. They will be eggstra welcome! And remember, nothing appeases the easter bunny like the gift of a TX16Wx license.

Happy sampling!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Its official - TX16Wx is now a "real" product!

Woho. I just noticed that the group "TEAM R2R" released a cracked version of TX16Wx. Finally, I'm crack-worthy! Very Happy

But seriously, guys, I am a little disappointed and underwhelmed; You just did some image editing to remove the license check. I had hoped you would at least make a key generator, and thus read the message I left for any potential cracker in the hash algorithm.

And if you had made a keygen, at least those who feel that the €20 I charge for TX16Wx Pro and/or the ~30 days trial (which by the way are ridiculously easy to extend) to short a time to evaluate the product could have gotten whatever updates that will be released in the weeks ahead. As it is now, I'm a little sad that some of these write unsubstantiated bug reports in your forums instead of bringing them here. That does in fact hurt the product.

So, flattered that you took the time, but a little hurt that you didn't work harder. And a little miffed that you screwed with the binary. Don't screw with the binary. That is an honour reserved for me and MSVC.

Go team! Wink

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Version 2.1.1 - Service release

Hello all.
Only a little more than a week since the drop of v2.1.0, and I already found or got reports on several bugs. Somewhat embarrassing for me, but at least I got the opportunity to fix them.
I strongly encourage everyone to download this version as soon as possible, since there are quite a few crashes that can happen with the previous release.

Version 2.1.1 (2013-03-14)
  • Fixed drag and drop of matrix to split not working
  • Fixed reordering of splits with matrix assigned
  • Fixed group/wave list values flickering
  • Fixed matrix list not refreshed on new/load/delete
  • Fixed hang when using key based switching
  • Fixed bank loading asking about reloading data
  • Fixed crash when deleting group switching node
  • Fixed broken saving of soundfont wave references in DAW bank
  • Fixed crash when previewing SFZ files
  • Fixed layout problem in 800x600 resolution
  • Fixed FX not being activated / crash when using program change to switch performance
  • Fixed crash when deleting last program
  • Fixed choke groups not cooperating with trigger switching
  • Improved wave preview playback
  • Improved "layers to matrices" command to generate two-dimensional results
  • Improved insert handling
  • Improved filter modulation from on-key sources when using mono/legato mode
  • Matrix editor now allows editing attributes for all selected items
  • Improved load information message
  • Made load/clear message less intrusive and added close button
Sorry about the bugs. Download from
Happy sampling

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Version 2.1.0 is now gold.

Hello all.
After a rather uneventful week since the release candidate came out (a few minor bugs), I am now declaring the TX16Wx Software Sampler version 2.1.0 gold. This is the first stable release of TX16Wx Professional, and while the release date is a little later than I had hoped, I think you can agree that I did not skimp on the features.

Version 2.1.0 (2013-03-06)
  • Fixed loading of wave data with non-destructive trim
  • Fixed Sinc128 interpolation crashing
  • Fixed modulation preset list not switching to newly created preset
  • Fixed file dialogs not using correct initial directory when saving sound items
For the complete feature list and downloads, go to

An remember, nothing says "springtime" as a TX16Wx Pro license, so get a few for your friends and loved ones this year. Easter is coming. 

A big thank you to all who contributed with suggestions and bug reports, and of course to all of you who have already supported the project by purchasing the product. Keep all the suggestions and feedback coming.

Happy sampling

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

2.1.0 RC - everything and the sink

Hello TX16Wx fans.
We are now coming very close to a gold release of TX16Wx professional. It release candidate time, and boy, this one adds a lot of features. Two of which stand out quite a bit:


You can now define group switching conditions to determine if a note triggers or not. Conditions include modulators / external controllers, round robin, random values, tempo and key conditions (up/down/last/previous). This can of course be combined with the normal group mapping and wave matrices to create very complex switch conditions.

Sound Preview

Also in this release is the ability to preview sound items directly from the file browser. When enabled, any applicable sound file (i.e. waves and matrices) you select in the browser will be temporarily mapped into the selected split or matrix cell and playing notes will preview the sound in context. To end preview, simply double click the file to load it fully, or re-select the split to cancel.

The FX section has had some stability issues fixed, and memory footprint for send FX should be improved a bit. Quite a few small fixes as well, making for, I hope, a very solid release.

Version 2.1.0 rc (2013-02-26)
  • Added group note switching (key-based, round-robin, random, modulator)
  • Added delay / chorus / flanger / wah
  • Added modulated "delay" parameter to groups
  • Added preview functionality to file browser
  • Added displayed octave offset setting
  • Added "triplets" to tempo sync modes
  • Improved menu handling to better indicate allowed operations
  • Improved memory footprint for send FX
  • Improved LFO precision
  • SFZ import now reads keyboard switching parameters
  • Most sample editor operations can now transform on several waves at once
  • Groups created from "separate" and "split" commands are now named from waves
  • Fixed setting split loop through context menu not working
  • Fixed SFZ import not reading volume correctly
  • Fixed matrix names not shown in MIDI note names
  • Fixed MIDI note names not updating in StudioOne 
With this release I am considering TX16Wx Professional feature complete. And unbeatable as far as price / performance goes as well. I will not be adding any more features to the gold release unless its something glaringly obvious I've forgotten. Please remind me. And please, please, help me finding any remaining bugs in the plug in.

Download as usual from

Happy sampling

Sunday, 17 February 2013

TX16Wx 2.1.0 b6 - switchable outputs

Hello fellow sample-lovers!
New update again, as promised. This time it is a single feature, but boy, has this been a long requested one:

Switchable Mono/Stereo outputs!

Yes, in the TX16Wx professional you can now freely turn the mono outputs into stereo pairs, thus enabling 4-8 stereo outputs. Trust me, this was trickier than it sounds to implement well. ;-)

Mono pairs can be turned into stereo in the settings page, and the current setup will be saved with the bank data. Please note the setting that determines which bank data files will load output configuration though; by default, only DAW bank data (your project file) will load output configuration, not a bank file read from disk. This is because while TX16Wx internally will happily switch its operating mode, the containing host will not, and you must rebuild your output routing when you change the output configuration.

Version 2.1.0 b6 (2013-02-17)
  • Mono outputs can now be switched to stereo busses in pro version
Download as always from

Next up in TX16Wx land will be a special gift to you all, that I hope will forever end the debate on which is the greatest software sampler of all times (hint: the correct answer begins with a T and is hard to pronounce unless you are Swedish). Also, I will add to the effects palette and fix some of the old work flow issues I know of.

Happy sampling

Sunday, 10 February 2013

TX16Wx 2.1.0 b5 available

Hello all.
New version of TX16Wx available again - as every Sunday! ;-)
This update does changes how automation works in TX16Wx. Previously, the first 32 program slots had dedicated automation for volume and pan controls, and 48 general purpose automation parameters for group modulation. As of this version there are instead 127 assignable automation parameters, which can be used as either modulation sources or assigned to program slot volume, pan, transpose, detune and send levels as well as most send FX parameters.

To assign automation to a slot or FX control, simply right-click on the control in the UI and pick a parameter. The automation parameter will be named accordingly. Turning the dial in the UI will send automation to the host DAW, and, correspondingly, host changes will reflect in the UI.

Note that if you've previously used slot automation in projects, you will have to set up the automation mapping again manually, since this is not assigned by default.

TX16Wx 2.1.0 b5 (2013-02-10)
  • Added assignable automation to program slot parameters and send FX
  • Increased number of automation parameters to 128
  • Added raw pitch modulation destination independent of group keyboard scale
  • Program slots can now be named
While it might not look like it, this is a rather major update in that it changes a whole lot about how things work on the inside. More importantly though, it makes the FX section of TX16Wx so much more usable when you can actually automate parameters and send levels.

Download as usual at

Happy sampling

Thursday, 31 January 2013

2.1.0 b4 - first look at FX and sends

Hello all.
Its been a little while since last beta drop, and trust me, I have been rather busy. The innards of TX16Wx has received a complete workup, with the sound render loop being pretty well modified. The result is that TX16Wx now support signal routing and insert FX processing.
TX16Wx now has 6 assignable FX busses, to each of which you can route either group(s) or program slots signals. Each group also has an optional insert effect, with modulation-able parameters.
You can also send the slot/group signal to different outputs directly, and in the case of groups, you can modulate the send levels, making for some pretty neat signal processing abilities.

Now, the actual FX context of this release is perhaps a bit meager. This is intentional. I wanted to let you try this new feature before I delve into writing FX modules. Also, I want to get some work done on the new automation framework I'm thinking of. Which brings me to a rather big caveat about the FX in this release; there is no automation yet for send FX parameters, nor program slot sends.

Filters and filter accuracy also got some love in this drop.

Version 2.1.0 b3 (2013-01-31)
  • Added support for send and insert FX
  • Added send support to groups and program slots
  • Added reverb FX
  • Added phaser FX/insert
  • Added "bassline" insert filter
  • Added bitcrusher insert
  • Added compressor insert
  • Improved filter tuning
  • Fixed filters not scaling correctly with sample frequency
  • Fixed trigger values for LFO/SEQ not correct when used as matrix input
Download as always at

Happy sampling!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Bugfix update - TX16Wx 2.1.0 b3

Hi all.
There was a few horrible bugs in last beta, and I also received some reports regarding b1 from December. Most of these turned out to be really stupid oversights, some where bugs that appeared, silent and deadly with VS2012 (my bugs, but they did not show before). Gah.

Thus, you get a quick update to the instrument today, fixing hopefully most of these glaring bugs.

Version 2.1.0 b3 (2013-01-11)
  • Fixed wave preview not working
  • Fixed crash when creating new modulation preset
  • Fixed startup crash with corrupt init files
  • Fixed crash occurring sometimes when running TX16Wx for the second time in same DAW instance
  • Improved error reporting
  • Improved missing file search dialogs
Note that due to some of these problems occurring already on plug-in scan, you might need to clear your DAW's VST cache / blacklist / plug-in settings. Particularly Presonus StudioOne does some plug-in bookkeeping that will prevent loading a VST if its ever caused a crash.

Download from

Happy sampling.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New year, and a new beta drop

Hello all.
Its been quiet during the holidays, I hope this means you all got to eat delicious ham and had time to make some music with the TX16Wx. I will myself admit to having been not wholly productive during christmas, but let me make it up to you by bringing you a new version of the TX16Wx.

This beta drop contains the much awaited rewrite of the sound processing engine, which in turn has allowed me to add new high quality sample interpolation modes. Now you can switch the whole sampler, or if you like, just individual programs/groups to a better quality pitch transposition engine as required. You can also set an interpolation mode to be used for "mix down" purposes only, i.e. not live performance. (Provided your DAW provides this info).

Also in this release are several new filter types, Notch, Low/High shelf, Peak and AllPass. The filter can now also be switched between 12dB/24dB response. As an added bonus, the High and Band pass filters now behaves more correctly, so your should experience a better sound from them.

Version 2.1.0 b2 (2013-01-08)
  • Fixed timing issue in the AEG where decay times did not correspond to the displayed values
  • Fixed program change mode not being loaded with bank
  • Added new, per-group/program/slot switchable, high quality sample interpolation modes
  • Added new filter modes (Notch, Low/High shelf, Peak and Allpass)
  • Improved filter quality for High pass and Band pass
  • Added switchable 12dB/24dB filter response
Download from as usual.

Happy sampling