Thursday, 31 January 2013

2.1.0 b4 - first look at FX and sends

Hello all.
Its been a little while since last beta drop, and trust me, I have been rather busy. The innards of TX16Wx has received a complete workup, with the sound render loop being pretty well modified. The result is that TX16Wx now support signal routing and insert FX processing.
TX16Wx now has 6 assignable FX busses, to each of which you can route either group(s) or program slots signals. Each group also has an optional insert effect, with modulation-able parameters.
You can also send the slot/group signal to different outputs directly, and in the case of groups, you can modulate the send levels, making for some pretty neat signal processing abilities.

Now, the actual FX context of this release is perhaps a bit meager. This is intentional. I wanted to let you try this new feature before I delve into writing FX modules. Also, I want to get some work done on the new automation framework I'm thinking of. Which brings me to a rather big caveat about the FX in this release; there is no automation yet for send FX parameters, nor program slot sends.

Filters and filter accuracy also got some love in this drop.

Version 2.1.0 b3 (2013-01-31)
  • Added support for send and insert FX
  • Added send support to groups and program slots
  • Added reverb FX
  • Added phaser FX/insert
  • Added "bassline" insert filter
  • Added bitcrusher insert
  • Added compressor insert
  • Improved filter tuning
  • Fixed filters not scaling correctly with sample frequency
  • Fixed trigger values for LFO/SEQ not correct when used as matrix input
Download as always at

Happy sampling!

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