Friday, 11 January 2013

Bugfix update - TX16Wx 2.1.0 b3

Hi all.
There was a few horrible bugs in last beta, and I also received some reports regarding b1 from December. Most of these turned out to be really stupid oversights, some where bugs that appeared, silent and deadly with VS2012 (my bugs, but they did not show before). Gah.

Thus, you get a quick update to the instrument today, fixing hopefully most of these glaring bugs.

Version 2.1.0 b3 (2013-01-11)
  • Fixed wave preview not working
  • Fixed crash when creating new modulation preset
  • Fixed startup crash with corrupt init files
  • Fixed crash occurring sometimes when running TX16Wx for the second time in same DAW instance
  • Improved error reporting
  • Improved missing file search dialogs
Note that due to some of these problems occurring already on plug-in scan, you might need to clear your DAW's VST cache / blacklist / plug-in settings. Particularly Presonus StudioOne does some plug-in bookkeeping that will prevent loading a VST if its ever caused a crash.

Download from

Happy sampling.


  1. I already have decided that I'm going to buy TX16Wx 2.0 Professional when the final/stable version arrives. I am, however, not interested in beta-testing it.

    So my question is: Until we get the finished Pro version, could you please bring a tiny bit of focus back on updating the freeware version?

    I use the stable freeware version till Pro goes gold. So I'd like to see an update for it here and there just to know you haven't completely abandoned the freeware version.

    As a future customer, I think I have the right to make requests - and you of course have the right to not give a *beep* what I think! :-)

    PS: WHEN can we expect to see the final/stable version of TX16Wx 2.0 Professional? I'll be on Paypal the exact minute, LOL.

    - hereticbeats

  2. Well, first of all, the binary is the same, so the 2.1.0b3 is a beta of 2.1 of the free version as well. And there are lots of fixes/features in it for the free functionality. But it is a beta.

    As for the pro being gold, well, expect a few more weeks. I am currently working on the routing/fx aspects (which btw work pretty nice). But there are a number of little stuff that has to be done, like automation etc. I'll probably release a b4 soon. And it will be a lot more stable than b3 ;-)

    I am not abandoning anything, don't worry. I know there are some work flow stuff etc people would like to see done sooner than later, and I'll try to address it asap. But being one person, who also has to do some work occasionally to make money does not always super speed beget.