Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New year, and a new beta drop

Hello all.
Its been quiet during the holidays, I hope this means you all got to eat delicious ham and had time to make some music with the TX16Wx. I will myself admit to having been not wholly productive during christmas, but let me make it up to you by bringing you a new version of the TX16Wx.

This beta drop contains the much awaited rewrite of the sound processing engine, which in turn has allowed me to add new high quality sample interpolation modes. Now you can switch the whole sampler, or if you like, just individual programs/groups to a better quality pitch transposition engine as required. You can also set an interpolation mode to be used for "mix down" purposes only, i.e. not live performance. (Provided your DAW provides this info).

Also in this release are several new filter types, Notch, Low/High shelf, Peak and AllPass. The filter can now also be switched between 12dB/24dB response. As an added bonus, the High and Band pass filters now behaves more correctly, so your should experience a better sound from them.

Version 2.1.0 b2 (2013-01-08)
  • Fixed timing issue in the AEG where decay times did not correspond to the displayed values
  • Fixed program change mode not being loaded with bank
  • Added new, per-group/program/slot switchable, high quality sample interpolation modes
  • Added new filter modes (Notch, Low/High shelf, Peak and Allpass)
  • Improved filter quality for High pass and Band pass
  • Added switchable 12dB/24dB filter response
Download from http://www.tx16wx.com/ as usual.

Happy sampling

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