Tuesday, 26 February 2013

2.1.0 RC - everything and the sink

Hello TX16Wx fans.
We are now coming very close to a gold release of TX16Wx professional. It release candidate time, and boy, this one adds a lot of features. Two of which stand out quite a bit:


You can now define group switching conditions to determine if a note triggers or not. Conditions include modulators / external controllers, round robin, random values, tempo and key conditions (up/down/last/previous). This can of course be combined with the normal group mapping and wave matrices to create very complex switch conditions.

Sound Preview

Also in this release is the ability to preview sound items directly from the file browser. When enabled, any applicable sound file (i.e. waves and matrices) you select in the browser will be temporarily mapped into the selected split or matrix cell and playing notes will preview the sound in context. To end preview, simply double click the file to load it fully, or re-select the split to cancel.

The FX section has had some stability issues fixed, and memory footprint for send FX should be improved a bit. Quite a few small fixes as well, making for, I hope, a very solid release.

Version 2.1.0 rc (2013-02-26)
  • Added group note switching (key-based, round-robin, random, modulator)
  • Added delay / chorus / flanger / wah
  • Added modulated "delay" parameter to groups
  • Added preview functionality to file browser
  • Added displayed octave offset setting
  • Added "triplets" to tempo sync modes
  • Improved menu handling to better indicate allowed operations
  • Improved memory footprint for send FX
  • Improved LFO precision
  • SFZ import now reads keyboard switching parameters
  • Most sample editor operations can now transform on several waves at once
  • Groups created from "separate" and "split" commands are now named from waves
  • Fixed setting split loop through context menu not working
  • Fixed SFZ import not reading volume correctly
  • Fixed matrix names not shown in MIDI note names
  • Fixed MIDI note names not updating in StudioOne 
With this release I am considering TX16Wx Professional feature complete. And unbeatable as far as price / performance goes as well. I will not be adding any more features to the gold release unless its something glaringly obvious I've forgotten. Please remind me. And please, please, help me finding any remaining bugs in the plug in.

Download as usual from http://www.tx16wx.com/.

Happy sampling

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