Sunday, 10 February 2013

TX16Wx 2.1.0 b5 available

Hello all.
New version of TX16Wx available again - as every Sunday! ;-)
This update does changes how automation works in TX16Wx. Previously, the first 32 program slots had dedicated automation for volume and pan controls, and 48 general purpose automation parameters for group modulation. As of this version there are instead 127 assignable automation parameters, which can be used as either modulation sources or assigned to program slot volume, pan, transpose, detune and send levels as well as most send FX parameters.

To assign automation to a slot or FX control, simply right-click on the control in the UI and pick a parameter. The automation parameter will be named accordingly. Turning the dial in the UI will send automation to the host DAW, and, correspondingly, host changes will reflect in the UI.

Note that if you've previously used slot automation in projects, you will have to set up the automation mapping again manually, since this is not assigned by default.

TX16Wx 2.1.0 b5 (2013-02-10)
  • Added assignable automation to program slot parameters and send FX
  • Increased number of automation parameters to 128
  • Added raw pitch modulation destination independent of group keyboard scale
  • Program slots can now be named
While it might not look like it, this is a rather major update in that it changes a whole lot about how things work on the inside. More importantly though, it makes the FX section of TX16Wx so much more usable when you can actually automate parameters and send levels.

Download as usual at

Happy sampling

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  1. Hi Calle,

    I'm still looking forward to the Mac version you are hoping to release in the first half of this year.

    If you need users to test the mac version. Let me know. I'm working on a remix album project now and its a hassle without a good software sampler that can send slice markers to midi keys.

    Afterwards I'dd still be happy to pay for a copy ;)