Sunday, 17 March 2013

Its official - TX16Wx is now a "real" product!

Woho. I just noticed that the group "TEAM R2R" released a cracked version of TX16Wx. Finally, I'm crack-worthy! Very Happy

But seriously, guys, I am a little disappointed and underwhelmed; You just did some image editing to remove the license check. I had hoped you would at least make a key generator, and thus read the message I left for any potential cracker in the hash algorithm.

And if you had made a keygen, at least those who feel that the €20 I charge for TX16Wx Pro and/or the ~30 days trial (which by the way are ridiculously easy to extend) to short a time to evaluate the product could have gotten whatever updates that will be released in the weeks ahead. As it is now, I'm a little sad that some of these write unsubstantiated bug reports in your forums instead of bringing them here. That does in fact hurt the product.

So, flattered that you took the time, but a little hurt that you didn't work harder. And a little miffed that you screwed with the binary. Don't screw with the binary. That is an honour reserved for me and MSVC.

Go team! Wink

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on the crack! ....and yet, condolences on the crack. It's really unfortunate that crackers do this, because you offer such a GREAT deal--MORE THAN FAIR to the consumer!

    On another note, thank you for developing and supporting this great product! I really appreciate it, and I truly believe I am not alone in my appreciation.

    --Sean Ercanbrack (audiojunkie@KVR)