Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Version 2.1.3

Happy post-easter to you all. I hope your eggs very plentiful, and the candy candid. Small but sweet update this week, addressing mainly an issue with certain Sound font banks, but also a general UI nicety - you now have a nice buzzing progress screen when loading and saving data to keep you certain that stuff is in fact happening. And I waited until today with releasing it, so its no joke. ;-)

Version 2.1.3 - 2013-04-02
  • Fixed name clash problem when using "save waves to project dir" option
  • Fixed SF2 stereo sample naming problem
  • Added load/save screen feedback
Download as always from http://www.tx16wx.com/

Happy sampling


  1. Hi Calle!

    I have recently bought the Professional Edition, and I was wondering if it has its *own* PDF manual somewhere, or does the manual included with the standard version cover the pro features as well (since pro is not a seperate download...)??

    Thanks in advance for answering!

  2. The features of the professional edition are covered in the regular manual. See the "(TX Pro only)" tag that appears in certain bits and chapters.
    Since pro features can be enabled without a license, for evaluating, it makes sense to keep the information contained together.