Sunday, 19 May 2013

How is this for a new look?

I am usually not very talkative, but I think I should share this particular screenshot with you all, just so you don't get the impression I am too great at what I do. ;-)
This is a little accident from my ongoing efforts to bring a CSS-like stylesheet skinning to the TX16Wx.
I assure you however, this is not the intended look for the next version. Just to calm your worries.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Its time for a new beta program

Hello all.

I've been terribly busy lately, and some of the work is starting to pay off. The MacOSX version of TX16Wx is starting to shape up quite nicely. Good enough in fact that I am now announcing a new closed BETA program.

Those of you who are interested in test driving the new version of the plug-in, send an email to "support {at}" with the title "beta program". You will be added to the beta mailing list and given access to the beta downloads as they are available. I expect to make the first drop next week.

Obviously, I am primarily looking for OSX testers, but I'd also like to include Windows users, since there are a plethora of hidden changes in the whole code base and I want to make sure everything still works. Thus, everyone who feel adventurous is welcome.

Happy beta sampling!