Friday, 7 June 2013

Its almost time...

Hello all. Just a few updates;
TX16Wx 2.2 will be released next week, the biggest news being MacOSX support as well as user-definable skinning. The final beta round is out now, and it looks pretty good.
However, due to all the work that has gone into the TX and the tool sets, the TX16Wx Pro license price will be increased to €29.99 (non-commercial) / €89.99 (commercial license) on release. Still an unbeatable value for the money.

To wet the appetite, here is a sample of the new demo skin, "akai":

This release is a huge refactoring and redesign of much of the innards of the plug-in, both making the sampler itself a little more clean and stable, but also to make way for some new, upcoming products.

CWITEC will be releasing a Rompler/Workstation plug-in this fall, based on the same toolset that makes TX16Wx so great. No details yet, but it will feature a more advanced synth engine than you are probably used to, as well as some neat performance tools. Stay tuned for more info as the work progresses.

Happy sampling.

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