Thursday, 27 June 2013

Version 2.2.2 - features and fixes galore

Hello all.
New week, new version, that is the way we do thing, no?
This build contains a number of fixes as well as some neat features suggested by people at the forum.
One pretty neat feature is the waveform overlay in the sample editor. Basically, when active, it will overlay the loop start with wave data from the loop end and vice versa. This can help quite a bit when trying to find that perfect loop point. 

As you might have read in a previous blog entry however, I found what I think is a quite serious bug when trying to use the XCode 4.6 C++11 toolset with the OSX 10.7 SDK, so version support for Mac has been set to 10.8 only. Sorry about that.

Version 2.2.2 (2013-06-27)
  • Added loop point overlay in sample editor for easier loop edit
  • Added selectable MIDI velocity curves
  • Added scrollbar arrows for easier scrolling
  • Mono/legato mode now gives trigger priority to held notes when sustenuto is on
  • Mono/legato mode now always re-triggers the last held note on note-off
  • Mono/legato mode re-trigger now respects keyboard switching properly
  • Mono/legato mode can now be forced to always re-trigger waveform/modulators by using choke groups.
  • OSX support now reduced to 10.8 due to exception linkage bug in apple sdk
  • OSX version now handles finder aliases in browser
  • Fixed poly limit not working properly
  • Fixed loading of SF2 files with illegal names inside
  • Fixed dB display in sample editor not drawn correctly
Downloads as usual from

Happy sampling

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