Sunday, 1 December 2013

TX16Wx 2.3.0 Released

Hello all!
'Tis the season to be sampling, time to load up those sleigh bell sounds and make some Christmas songs. To that end, here is this years gift from CWITEC; its finally time for another TX16Wx update release.

This one has been brewing quite some time. Those of you who frequent the KVR forum knows that this version has been in beta since late July. And boy it has a lot of features.

Version 2.3.0 (2013-12-01):
  • Fixed MIDI note names not being refreshed in some hosts
  • Fixed load failure with certain banks created with older versions 
  • Fixed send:pre-fader not loaded from bank
  • Fixed delay feedback issue
  • Fixed bug loading performance with tempo delay
  • Fixed dry/wet mix issue in Chorus/Flanger
  • Fixed some sound fonts imported with bad play mode
  • Fixed mouse wheel scrolling for large windows
  • Fixed crash in Sonar X2 when loosing window focus 
  • Fixed turning automated knobs not sending automation data to host
  • Modified LFO and Seq modulators parameter UI disposition to be more powerful
  • Added Mono and Ping-pong mode to delay
  • Added lo/hi frequency cut for reverb
  • Added 3-band equalizer effect
  • Chorus/Flanger/Phaser inserts now converts mono to stereo for nicer sound
  • Added note priority selector for playing Mono/Legato modes
  • Added override root key functionality to splits 
  • SFZ and SF2 import now uses overriding root keys
  • Added name-based auto keyboard mapping tool
  • Added Soundfont sample and patch loading. SF2 files can now be browsed and partially loaded
  • Soundfont import now uses much less memory
  • Added BPM/R modulation source (host/wave relative tempo)
  • Program files now store wave metadata overrides such as root key, loops etc to allow more local modifications of waves without needing to save them
  • Added setting to save reapeaks files in separate folder
  • Added group crossfade regions (pro version)
  • Introduced crossfade between sample sources when playing in ono/legato mode to reduce clicking
  • Voice stealing now produces smoother sound
  • Intersecting groups can now be selected by Ctrl-rightclick on mapper keyboard
  • Playing notes on the key mapper keyboard can now vary velocity with Ctrl, Shift and Ctrl+Shift
As you can see, its a big update. Enjoy the new features, and don't forget: Nothing makes a better Christmas/Hanukkah gift than a TX16Wx license.

Download from

Happy sampling